We spend a lot of time and energy at work trying not to fail. However, most people des cribe their failure as an important part of learning and growing. Adopt a growth mind-set and accept that failure is the part of the process of skill development.

People with a growth mind-set feel smart when they are learning, not just when they are succeeding. Don’t limit yourself to doing things that you know you can do-trust me, you won’t grow that way.

Instead, try things that are above your ability and set high goals that you are you are not sure you can reach. You might surprise yourself and succeed, and if you don’t, you will atleast learn something new.

Is this not exciting? Your views pl!



Give thanks….even for the stormy days! Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 I may look okay on the outside, but I am torn up on the inside. But everything is going to be alright because God said it in his word […]

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  •  Most of the problems in our life is because we do not have control of every word that we are yet to utter, but a slave to every word we have already uttered-this is clear sign of a torn person.
  • If your words have no value and during your conversation with others you only say the right thing at the right time but do not refrain from leaving unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment-we are a torn person.
  • If a decade of good work is wiped out in an instant by your impulsive anger, this a sign of torn person.

Enough said!!



I have worked in a very reputed and largest corporate house in India at a senior position for 23 years.As such,I know it very well that most of the people get tired of following others’ whims and fancies.If they have a choice,they would like to quit their job and follow their dreams.

But how do you decide what will be the right time for you to go solo or whether you should take the risk of leaving a cushy job to pursue a pipe dream? No one can become a successful entrepreneur overnight.If you are tempted to quit your job to start something of your own,you must do a little self-assessment  first.If you can relate to the following scenario and signs,you are ready for the move.

1-In my opinion,there is nothing like the right time or age to go solo.The time is right when you have an idea that you believe in,are passionate about it,and willing to bet your life on.So it does not matter how old are you,ask yourself first if you are really feeling an indomitable urge to do something you consider your true calling,and if you have enough fire in your belly to give shape to your fledging dreams.

2-Deciding to quit your job to become an entrepreneur is life-changing for its possibilities as well as its must keep your family in the loop.To overlook on the security a job provides,that is a fixed money in the bank at the beginning of every month,is a very courageous and bold moves in itself.It is not everybody’s cup of tea.The first rule in entrepreneurship-you have to be able to take risks,even while you provide for uncertainties with a detailed plan.In other words,if you are fully aware of the risks and if your family supports your decision,YOU ARE HALFWAY THROUGH.

3-I am assuming that you have the courage to take risks but do you have the emotional intelligence to run and manage your enterprise well.Are you capable of handling disappointments,stress and negativity to predict are you well equipped for the road ahead.There is a strong relationship between EQ and entrepreneurship as confirmed by several studies.If your EQ is high,you don’t get easily offended and can take rejections in life.

4-You should have enough savings to fall back on in your initial should ask yourself how much of your savings you are willing to invest in your first entrepreneurial venture? Many entrepreneurs have experienced multiple failures before they got it you should be ready to start small and built it up later.

5-As I know, you are not likely to make a living in the initial few years of your start-up.Your savings and investments,thus,must cater for not just the seed fund,but also for your living expenses for atleast a couple of should also do reality-check-can you allocate about 25% of your savings for this.

6-I would like to make it abundantly clear that you may have an excellent business plan and an insatiable passion for business ideas,but things may not necessarily happen the way you want them to may have to digest heavy losses.So be clear about an exit plan too.Speak to your family about it

Every entrepreneur is so passionately driven that at times,we are unwilling to accept the fact that a venture is not working out or has failed and its time to call it quits.Can you handle such setbacks and failures?Your family members could be most helpful.




As i am also a life coach, if you so desire, you can refer to me  your personal, professional and family issues either through my blog or my email (given below) and I would send you my advice within a week.I am extending my services  to you for a very nominal  fee of 1 $ per advice which I only want to charge because when you get something free, you do not value it.My main objective

is to give you the benefit of my knowledge and three decades experience  so that you begin to think and understand life issues in an appropriate and rational manner and right perspective and lead a calm,anxiety free and happy life.

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  • A true calling for me is to be a good human being first. It is all about raising yourself who has to uplift the people around him. Each one of them has a divine purpose for being in your life. There are no flaws in the Master Plan.
  • A true calling for me is not to see an obstacle as something you cannot overcome. We should see these obstacles as an objective or something you can surmount. you welcome it as a challenge you need to achieve or a victory you need to acquire.
  • A true calling for me is to do what you say; saying the right word only sells your intentions. While showing that you mean what you say can buy trust;however,doing what you say, Seals it!
  • To understand, there is a deeper, greater, more charismatic you,within.A you that can make others stand by and wonder. A you that can shake the world and walk with a high head.
  • For me, it is to be a true humble man who reflects modesty like a tree that bends low with the the burden of ripening fruits. It is the barren tree that lifts itself high in an empty boast.
  • A true calling for me is to be like the ocean which receives all streams and rivers. The ocean’s mighty calm remains unmoved; it feels them not.



  • you can start the process of chipping away everything that is not truly you. The fears you have picked up. The limiting belief you have accumulated. The false assumptions that divorce you from your most authentic-and staggeringly brilliant-self.
  • Chip away, bit by bit, at everything that is not that work of art, day by day. you know that small, daily improvements stack into massive results over time.
  • Greatness comes by doing a few small and smart things each and every day. Comes from taking little steps, consistently. Comes from making a few small chips against everything in your personal and professional life that is ordinary, so that a day eventually arrives when all that is left is The Extraordinary. Just something to think about, from a man who wants you to shine.


Enough said!!