Every now and then, life will throw us a curve ball. When we go through hard times, it’s easy to forget that we have the tools within us to make ourselves feel better. When life is good, self-care practises feel easier to follow out of pure enjoyment. However, when we are feeling low we can […]

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Yes,my beloved Readers and friends, my birth date is just a few minutes away and on the eve of this day, I want to share with you something I have never done before in last two years when I started Blogging.

I will be very precise and direct on these three precious Life Lessons I have learnt and you must know them.If you find them sensible,take them or else leave them.I leave it to your own judgement.

1- Health Freedom: There is nothing more important in your life than your good health.It is non-negotiable. Eat only right food.Do regular exercises and look after your health carefully.

2-Financial Freedom: Find out and take up new opportunities which will give financial freedom one day. Handle your finances carefully. This will help you to face any financial challenges and crises and keep your survival and dignity intact.

3-Bad Temper Freedom: If you have one,for God sake,make concious effort to control your bad temper.It will damage your personal and professional life for ever. Do not ever hurt anyone or your near and dear one Because it will bounce back on you someday and in some form you will regret for ever.It will destroy your relationship permanently.





You will agree with me that self-discipline is hard. However,where there is will,there is a way. I may suggest you to try these three tips to make your work more interesting and efficient every day:

  •  Get three thing done before noon: Statistics show that the team ahead at halftime is more likely to win the game.Enjoy your lunch knowing that you accomplished atleast three tasks in the morning.
  • Sequence for speed: Break projects into parts. Take on the longer pieces at the beginning and make sure each subsequent part is shorter. If you leave the longest part for last, you are more likely to run out of steam before the end of the day.
  • Tackle similar tasks at the same time: The mind thrives on repetition. You can build momentum by taking on similar projects at the same time.

Pl try these simple yet effective actions and i will be glad to have your feedback!




Do you believe in making decisions swiftly and decisively or with more caution and deliberation?

Whichever is the case, try these three tips to help you reach conclusions and avoid decisions trap:

  •  Get the right mind on the job: Decision making is the process of converting input into output. To make the best decisions, optimize your input by getting the opinions and insights of trusted people who know the arena best.
  • Decide your decision making process: Bickering often happens during the decision making process. Be clear with yourself and others involved about the steps you will take to reach the decisions.
  • Demand Diversity: To much agreement is dangerous; you need dissenting opinios too. Give a minority viewpoint a voice or appoint a devil’s advocate. Listening to the “other side” will give you a more appropriate,rational and robust answer.

Enough said!



Yes! We live in a demanding and distracting world. Being productive can sometimes be a real challenge and it may feel like an impossible feat.

I may suggest three ways to contain this challenge:

  • Keep one to-do list: Include everything you want or need to do in one place Writing it down helps get it off your mind and leaves you free to focus on the urgent task at hand.
  • Take up the most important thing first: Before you leave the work in the evening, decide what one thing you need to accomplish the next day. Do it first thing in the morning, when you are likely to have the most energy and fewest distraction.
  • Decide time for non-urgent things: It is easy to get caught up in the pressing issues of the day. Block off time in your calender to do things that would otherwise get squeezed out, liking writing, thinking creatively, or building relationships.




I suggest you should always welcome constructive criticism. It is essential for creativity, innovation, and problem solving. Since leadership requires all three, leaders need to be sure not only that they are open to criticism, but that they actively seek it out.

You should not simply ask for general feedback but ask people-direct reports, peers, customers-to poke holes in your ideas and approaches.

It will help us to remember-critique can be useful approach to test idea and keep people and team accountable.



It is my suggestion that don’t rely on your memory or iphone to record and capitalize on  good ideas. Go old school with a stack of 3×5 index cards. Carry them with you and, when you hear a good idea, write it down.

Trust me, the physicality of the cards forces you to reflect on them at the end of the day, and the act of writing down the idea helps you remember and process them. Having the blank cards in your pocket is also useful reminder to be looking for new ideas and, most importantly, to listen.

Enough for today!