1-BE LOYAL: Bosses can forgive carelessness,stupidity,tardiness and the occasional temper tantrum.These can be corrected,BUT DISLOYALTY IS A TRUE CHARACTER FLAW.You cannot and will not be TRUSTED.Remember this.


2-KEEP THE BOSS INFORMED: Such as about what you are doing,where you are,who you are to and why.Bomb the boss with all relevant information until he says ‘STOP’.No one has ever lost his job for telling the boss too much.


3- EMBRACE THE CHANGE: Even if you do not understand it.Any boss,as part of his job, instigate change.It is not your job to resist.


4-RESPECT BOSS’S TIME:If you need 30 minute with him,do not  take 60.Better yet,take 20.


5-DON’T TREAD ON HIS TURF: Atleast not without his permission.


6-FOLLOW UP QUICKLY: Bosses do not pull out a stop watch when they give a command.But,trust me,their internal clock is ticking.


7-VEILD COMMAND:Like most people,you probably have the good sense to obey a direct command.If the boss says ‘jump’ you jump.But the best bosses are not so crude.They want subordinate to think for themselves and,therefore,they do not give explicit orders.They imply.BE ALERT TO THIS.


8-BE A CALMING INFLUENCE: Being a calm voice is a wise strategy in almost any any situation.The more heated the other party is,the cooler you should be.If you can keep your head,while all those around you are losing theirs,YOUR AUTHORITY WILL ALWAYS EXCEED THEIRS.


9-STICK TO POINT:One of the easiest way to influence a situation is to help the participant stay in the subject.People gravitate not only to the wise person but to the disciplined one as well.


10-BE SELF STARTER: Do not rely on someone  else’s initiates.Take the initiatives yourself.In most group situations,the person who initiate a project or concept usually becomes the authority in the area.


11-PRAISE PEOPLE: Praise is a subtle and wonderfully effective way to gain influence over people.It is effective because three things happen when you praise someone.1- the person likes hearing it; 2- he likes you for saying it; 3- he wants to hear more.


12-RANCH ON ONE BOSS: Do not bet on  the ranch on one boss.Each of us knows employees who take advantage of their proximity or access to the head of their company.Having a mentor or ally in the top ranks can give your career a powerful boost.But billing your career on the boss is a double edged sword-please avoid it!!


13-USE THE BOSS: Bosses like to be used,no matter how isolated they seem or how far removed from day-to-day activity.Every boss loves to be given an opportunity to demonstrate that he or she can still hack it in the tenches.


14-ACT AS IF YOU HAVE INFLUENCE:As a general rule,if you want to become the boss,start acting like one.The people who go ahead are not necessarily smarter.They simply have a better understanding of this influence and they are not afraid to exercise it.While their rivals are making a recommendation,the winners are already in action.




Your instincts are your personal source of wisdom and it is not easy to listen to this still,small voice within.It often becomes difficult to listen  to your instincts when the world around you pressures you to conform to its dictates.Nevertheless,you must listen to those hunches and feeling that comes to you when you most need them.They can also give you fulfillment and abundance you may seek.

In my view,as we grow older,we give far greater respect to our instincts and to the natural reservoir of intuition that stayes within each one of us.The impressions we receive when we first meet a new person or that inner  sense of wisdom that softly dictates us in the right direction during a difficult time have now come to  play larger part in the way we work and live.It looks like that with age comes the corresponding power and ability to trust our own instincts

IT has been found that our personal instincts grow stronger when we live “on purpose”, which  precisely means spending our days on activities that advance us along the path to our legacy.When you are doing the right things and living the way nature intended us to live,we liberate the fullness of the person we really are.

The Indian philosopher Patanjali has well said:

When you are inspired by some great purpose,some extraordinary projects,all your thoughts break their bonds:your mind transcends limitations,your consciousness expands in every direction,and you find yourself in a new,great and wonderful world.Dormant forces,faculties and talents become alive,and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.



  • you can start the process of chipping away everything that is not truly you. The fears you have picked up. The limiting belief you have accumulated. The false assumptions that divorce you from your most authentic-and staggeringly brilliant-self.
  • Chip away, bit by bit, at everything that is not that work of art, day by day. you know that small, daily improvements stack into massive results over time.
  • Greatness comes by doing a few small and smart things each and every day. Comes from taking little steps, consistently. Comes from making a few small chips against everything in your personal and professional life that is ordinary, so that a day eventually arrives when all that is left is The Extraordinary. Just something to think about, from a man who wants you to shine.


Enough said!!