You may all have heard various incidences of grown up and adult sons, fighting with parents , raising their hands on parents,throwing them out of their house on property matters etc etc. At least I know many such incidences.

But have you ever come across an incidence where a 10 year old son going to police station and lodging a formal complaint that his dad should be beaten by the police.In my view, I don’t think any one of you have  heard such disturbing  incidence ever in your life. But trust me,this is a real life story, which I saw yesterday while watching a reputed TV news channel and this news has been confirmed by government agencies.

Well, this may be just one story of its kind but the fact is if such thing has crossed in the mind of a one 10 year old son,it can cross tomorrow in hundreds,thousand of 10 year old sons.Am I wrong? Can you rule out such possibilities altogether.

This  is the most disturbing  piece of news for me and THIS REMINDS ME WHAT MY DAD TOLD ME 25  years ago. In his own words-“ Ravi! There can be some exceptions, but I can tell you with full confidence that parents of all sons today are unhappy and sad with their sons AND IN TIMES YET TO COME, FUTURE PARENTS WILL BE  VERY UNHAPPY AND SAD WITH THEIR SONS. So you are lucky to have daughters only.” This news about 10 year old son has proved that what my dad said 25 years back has come true. I admire your terrific vision, dad!

The objective of this post is not only to share  this news with young parents but alert, guard and give them a forward path so that this  may not happen with you tomarrow and peace is maintained in your house at all costs.

I will now exactly tell you what was the complaint of this boy at the police station of a very important town in North India.

  • The boy said his father should be beaten by the police because he refused to take him to an important festival and when he insisted his dad beat him.
  • His father is always away from the home on Saturday and Sunday and does not give him any time.Even when he is at home he does not talk to  him.

The police went to the house of this boy for interrogation with his parents but I don’t think it is important for you to know the details of this interrogation.

The important thing is that a son can think of complaining against his father at such a tender age when he is not expected to know the nitty-gritty of such possible police cases.The fact is this boy certainly got badly disturbed emotionally by his dad and he took such a drastic steps against his own father.CAN ANYONE DENY THIS FACT?

I too have seen many cases where sons get wild  and revolting because of ill informed upbringing by their parents and such parents pay a very heavy price for their own deeds and repent when damage has already been done and its too late to undo it,

To avoid such things to happen with any young parents, while time is there, I suggest the following time tested rules.

  • Be honest with your son in every matter you do for him. He must feel it.
  • Give him full attention and as much time as it is possible for you. If you are honest,he is sensible enough to understand  your constraints, if any.
  • Give him all your love.
  • Don’t try to control him at each and every step.  You must learn to ignore things on matters which is not so important but pull the string on few occasions when it needs to be pulled to make him a better human being.The best way to do this is not to do it in front of many people but must discuss it with him on one to one basis without the presence of anybody.

Here again, your success will depend on what is your image in the mind of your son. These are very tricky things but they have impact in totality.

  • Last but not the least NEVER, NEVER, NEVER RAISE YOUR HAND ON YOUR SON AND FIGHT WITH EACH OTHER( HUSBAND AND WIFE) in front of your child.This affect your child very badly EMOTIONALLY and has a great impact on his life at a later stage. I can vouch for this that I have never done this in my life, barring one exception.


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