Do you ever notice that it is the people we love most that we take most for granted? It is easy to spend less time with your family because they will always be there for you or so you assume. It is easy to hold back expressing your love to your loved ones because there seems to be no urgency to do so. It is so easy to let home relationship slip because you assume there are more pressing things to deal with.

But tell me honestly what could possibly be more important than your family? Think for a while, what is the point of being Super-Successful, but alone? A full family photo album is far more brilliant and impressive to me than an overflowing bank account( I am not undermining a decent bank account). Honestly. Trust me!!

So pick up the phone and tell your parents that you love them. Before you leave for work, give your spouse a warm kiss-like you really mean it!! Say I love you to that special one! Be honest!! And please hug your kids and tell them you love and adore them. CARE TO EXPRESS NOT IMPRESS!! Your Kids will only be young once. And when the window of opportunity closes, it will close for ever.


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