Have you ever heard of one-pointed attention? What is this after-all? Imagine a martial artist who is about to break a solid brick with his bare hand. What does this man do? He stands in one place and focuses his attention on the central part of the brick. His intention is to cut through the solid resistence of the brick with the power of his hand. He draws his whole mental and physical energy to the edge of his hand. The soft hand becomes as sharp and tough as a sword. One-pointed attention channels the vast energy of his mind in the desired direction.

We have to recognize the fact that it is neither information nor physical energy that gives real power. Power comes from the undivided and one-pointed attention, as is evident from the following story:

A Business man was driving in his expensive car through a highway in Dubai. Suddenly, the car’s engine stopped. The Business man tried his hand at the engine. No effect. He decided to walk to the nearest town to get a mechanic. The ragged mechanic came, opened and had a good, long look. Then he took out his hammer and hit gently on a small component of the engine. The car regained its life.

The Business man asked, “How much?”

The mechanic replied, ” That would be a thousand dollars, Sir!”

” What! A thousand dollars just for hammering once?”

” Yes Sir, the break-up is as follows:

One dollar for giving you the information about the problem. A couple of dollars for the energy I spent in striking with this hammer. And nine hundred ninety seven dollars for the one-pointed attention that tell me where to hit and with what force.”


One -point attention is priceless. Ancient Indian Sages defined an attentive mind as ‘ekagra’, which literally means one-point. You can achieve anything by using law of one-pointed attention.





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