Our face tells us how to hear. We have two ears on the opposite side of our face, one facing left, and the other facing right, both of them going into the brain. In other words, we must hear from both the sides. If we hear only from one side, we will never understand.

I would like to share with you story of a Japanese warrior and his teacher, a General. In the olden days, they use to send messages through pigeons. So this General sent a message to his student, the warrior, through a pigeon.

But the bird was caught in heavy rain and the student unraveled the message, most of the message was blurred. Nevertheless, the student carried out the instructions of his master to the letter, based on a word or two which was legible, much to the amazement of those around him but not to his master.

He was so focussed as a student that he could read his master’s mind. By reading a word, he knew where the sentence was going. He saw the composite picture beyond his ears and beyond his eyes.


Listen to your teacher or mentor with focus and concentration and you will reap the full benefits of his wisdom. The depth of understanding is in the student, not in the master.


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