I do it because i feel this is the smartest thing we all can do!!

In my view, people who micromanage do a disservice to people in large, their family in particular and themselves; worse yet,they are often preventing their family,peers and their companies from growing.

If you are struggling to grow your team, company or your own children,one of the smartest things I can suggest you to do is give up control.Here is how:

  • Push down decision making: If you are making all the decisions, you are only holding your company and family back. Will you like that?
  • Accept that mistakes will happen: Sharing responsibility with others means things don’t always go according to plan.Prepare your team and family to avoid mistakes by being clear about your expectations and giving them all the tools they need to do their job well and grow in their life which can only happen when you don’t control them and thus make them independent.



2 thoughts on “GIVE UP CONTROL!!

  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post ,i agree that it is a very democratic way to achieve the goal but a team leader always cooperates with his team members and also sets goals together and achieves complete control cannot be relinquished because the ultimate responsibility belongs to him. Freedom is a different thing in some subjects but giving complete freedom is somewhat difficult.

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  2. I respect your feedback!If you read my post carefully,I have talked about two specific things:
    1-Give up control only after making your expectations very clear.
    2- Give up control only after giving the necessary tools and skills.
    If you ensure these two things,you have made others ready to take decisions independently.He or she may still make mistakes but its ok.He/she will learn from these mistakes.
    So, having ensured 1 and 2,you should withdraw your control.Learning and growth of others will be faster.
    I will give you another example:
    You can make others learn swimming in two ways.
    a-Provide him Rubber tube or
    b-Throw him/her in water after some initial training.
    Trust me he/she will learn swimming faster with b. I know she/he will me most uncomfortable with some water getting into his/her mouth,nose and ears.But it is now question of survival and when it comes to survival,he/she will find ways
    to learn swimming faster.
    So giving up your control makes him learn swimming faster and makes him/her to come out of crises.
    If you still have some issues,pl feel free to write to me.


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