I suggest you should always welcome constructive criticism. It is essential for creativity, innovation, and problem solving. Since leadership requires all three, leaders need to be sure not only that they are open to criticism, but that they actively seek it out.

You should not simply ask for general feedback but ask people-direct reports, peers, customers-to poke holes in your ideas and approaches.

It will help us to remember-critique can be useful approach to test idea and keep people and team accountable.



  1. Most certainly, I believe that allowing oneself to accept both positive and negative criticism is a sign of maturity. Not everyone can handle criticism but if one is able to take the good and bad critiques and better themselves nothing says maturity like that, but it’s just my opinion.

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  2. I love and respect your opinion bcz i fully agree what you say! Thank you so much young and charming lady for your matured and intelligent feedback!
    Have a great day,dear….


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