So funny title,Is not it?

But hold on for a second and pause!

Yes, are you aware of the importance of sugar and salt in our daily life?

Almost all of you will say-“YES” But how many of you can learn from its properties?

Sugar and Salt look alike. When salt is mixed with water it makes water savoury. When sugar is mixed with water,it makes water sweet. So when you mix up with various people in your life,do not simply give importance to the appearance of the person but his/her core qualities so that it bring sweetness in your life and not savoury.





10 thoughts on “SUGAR AND SALT!!

  1. Hello, dear Ravi!
    What can I say though, sugar and salt are both crystals but with different proprieties.
    You could only tell the difference if you get to study them. I, as a food engineer I can tell to you, that even if they are so look alike, they are so very different.
    So, my advice is to choose both salt and sugar exactly within the required quantity of the organism and due to your needs. Never too much, and never too less!

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