Possibly No, but I don’t want to presume!

Can you believe that eating 10 Pastries in a restaurant could bring so much embarrassment to me? But you have got to trust me as this is a real life incidence!!

When I was very young, I was once going to to Pachmari, a hill station in Madhya Pradesh,India, to attend an Advanced Leadership Camp  with Rock Climbing Course. The duration of this camp was three  weeks.  After finishing the course,on my way back home,I decided to break my journey at Allhabad,UP,India and stay for a day with my brother,who was then studying Law at Allahabad University.

I reached my brother’s hostel in the morning and in the evening,he decided to take me for an outing along with his good friend.After roaming for about an hour, they took me to a very popular restaurant in Allhabad. They ordered for Coffee and  Pastry which was served to us after a while.

I was surprised to see that 12 Pastries of different varities were served to us in a plate. Strange-12 pastries for just three persons! While my brother and his friend were sipping coffee, they just took 1 piece of pastry each. I  picked up two pastry and finished it in no time. While I had finished 4 pastry, my brother and his friend had just one each and they did not seem to be  interested in eating anymore pastry. The ratio of pastry consumption between my brother/his friend and me seemed to me unbalanced and I was keen that they atleast pick up one more each so that I find it easy to lay my hands on balance pastry without any hesitation. But they seemed to be firm on not eating anymore.

Meanwhile,my brother’s friend called the waiter and asked him to bring the bill. What struck to me was that this restaurant would anyway charge us for the full plate containing 12 pastries.If we don’t eat the remaining 6 pastries, we wil have to pay for 12 pastries and waiter will take away unfinshed 6 pastries. So before the waiter could bring the bill, which took about 5 minutes,I grabbed one pastry each in my both hand  and finshed it all  remaining 6 pastries before the waiter could show his face. After the payment, we all came out of the restaurant and decided to return to hostel.

When we reached my brother’s hostel room around 9 pm, the food was being served in the hostel’s mess. My brother asked me to accompany him to mess for dinner, but since I had consumed 10 pastries I was feeling uneasy and refused to have my dinner. My brother looked at me with a long face and told me, ‘ don’t you have eating manners? Why did you eat 10 pastries in one go like an ANIMAL?’ I said to my brother, ‘I did not want  while we pay for 12 pastries, waiter takes away unconsumed 6 pastries.My brother told me you are all wrong-the restaurant’s serves assorted pastries of all varities in a plate and they charge only for the pastries consumed and take away unconsumed pastries withoud charging for them.  Meanwhile, my brother’s friend dropped in the room and was enquiring with my brother,if I was feeling ok now(since I had complained of stomach uneasiness).

I got so embarrassed at my ignorance, greed and this incidence,that I failed to keep my eye contact with my friend and his friend.

HA HA HA HA………….What a memorable but embarrassing day!!



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Thanks and Regards.


  1. Hello, mr. Ravi!
    This is the usual thinking related to all the foods and restaurants.
    I know it is a little bit not nice but this is the usual policy. It is not the restaurants fault that you could not consume everything that you ordered from the plate.
    And besides, that is how they earn money.
    Dont be upset or even feel bad about it. It doesent really matter.

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  2. Well it’s just a misunderstanding and at the end you’re totally free to eat as much as you can or the food that you pay for it. Here we can always take the leftover if we think they are worthy to be taken, this is why there’s no issue.
    Things happen and it teaches us, as it sometimes makes us just laugh at it
    thank you for sharing

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  3. Thank you for your sweet words.Yes, i have always been very frank and straightforward which has put me in in awkward situations many times,But then thats the way i am.


  4. Well that brought a smile to my face. I would have done the same thing (especially if they were chocolate!) l probably wouldn’t be able to eat them all but I’d be asking them to box them up to go. Great example of how what we believe to be a truth may not be within every context. Very funny story – we all have our embarrassing moments! Thanks for making me smile Ravi!

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  5. Thank you for your honest and interesting feedback.I love your comments and trust me, they make me smile too!
    I am glad that my post has made you smile and it means a lot to me,Starr!
    Love you……


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