We all take action everyday in our personal and professional life. but how do we actually know whether our action was right or wrong!!

In my view the authenticity of action is determined by the spirit or motive behind the action. Purity of motive or intention is a clear test of right action. It may also happen that our action may not meet with immediate success even if our intention is noble. Yet, such intention generates tremendous spirit and goodwill. Any action born out of good intention… such as compassion… is rarely a wrong action.

This reminds me a story which may bring out the truth I want to share with you all and you may or may not decide to make it a bench mark when you take your future actions:

A soldier named Vijay Singh asked his commanding officer if he could go to the battlefield to rescue his friend who had not returned from the battle. The officer said, “There is no point in looking for your friend, he is probably dead. Besides, it is dangerous to go in the field now as the enemy may kill you too.” In spite of the officer’s reluctance, Vijay went in search of his friend. After an hour he came back seriously wounded with the dead body of his friend on his shoulders. The commanding officer fumed, “ I told you  not to venture out on your own, we not only lost your friend in the battle, we will lose you too! Was it worth acting that way?’ the mortally wounded soldier said, “My action was right sir!!

When I reached the battlefield, my friend was still alive. And all he could say to me was, VIJAY, I KNEW YOU WOULD COME!!”


Who am I to tell you or give message on this subject. I would rather leave it to your judgement and invite your comments. You decide- what Vijay Singh did with a purity of motive or intention- was his action RIGHT?



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  1. Thanks for sharing. This morning I was in a situation like this and I watched someone do something I completely thought was unnecessary and I’m pretty sure she thought/had the right intentions but I think it was the right thing to do. Sometimes we have good intentions but the action might not be the best or even how we execute the action.

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  2. The authenticity of these actions may differ from man to man and from a situation to situation.It all depends on your values and thought process.
    Having said this, i also agree with your last line!


  3. Absolutely his action was right. What’s most important is that it was right for him. His friend new he would come because that is what his heart would tell him to do. Thank you for this beautiful story! 😊


  4. I love this blog and I absolutely agree your reference to the authenticity of action is determined by the spirit or motive behind the action. Considering intentions matters greatly – it is less easy to be angered by an action if you can establish that it was born from the best of intentions. Another wonderful and wise post!


  5. Sometimes we must listen to our inner voice in order to do what’s right and you’re right the motive is so important! Beautiful story and beautiful message as well! Thank you for sharing

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