The goal of any change process is the discovery of reality.I want to share with you the story of a farmer in china that will tell you an amazing transformation of a person.

A poor farmer in china was in great distress.He was a peace loving sort of person who had to share a single room with four noisy room-mates.Besides,there were a couple of stray dogs and a few noisy chickens and ducks in the neighbourhood that made it difficult for him to sit quietly or meditate.

Depressed that he could not get over this noise pollution,he travelled a long distance to his Zen master to find a solution to his problem.

Listening to his tale of woe,the compassionate  Master said:If you listen to me carefully,I can try to help you out.” The farmer was all ears.The Master said:  “Go back to your village and invite inside your room the stray dogs,the chickens as well as the ducks.Let them all stay with you for a week besides your four friends.Then come back to me.” Although he was shocked and surprised by his Master’s strange advice, the farmer reluctantly agreed to do as he was asked.

The farmer came back after a week.He was extremely in a bad shape;his hair was disheveled,his clothes were torn in shreds,his eyes were red from lack of sleep and his body smelt of animal dung.He looked tearfully at his Master and said, ‘the experience was worse than hell-those animals and birds and their week long company…..let my fate not befall anyone!

The Master said: “Everything will be all right. Just go back to your village and leave the animals outside your door-where they were before.Then,come back to me again after seven days.” The farmer again did what he was told.But this time when he came back-there was a bright radiance in his face.His eyes were shining and he told the Master, “I have never known or felt so much peace before. Just my four friends and I.No animals in the room.We all slept well.And my meditation was deep.”

Many years later,the farmer himself became a Master.When people asked him how he had found peace,he said. “the journey was indeed memorable.It was like taking great pain to break into your own house by climbing a ladder and  smashing a windowpane-and realizing later that the door of the house was open.All you needed to do was to pull in the door towards you rather than push it.”


The farmer in the story discovers something that was always present as reality.Peace always existed as a possibility in his own mind.In the process of this discovery he transforms himself.Likewise, peace always exists in our own mind,all you need is to change your perception and there you are!!



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Thanks and Regards.


  1. This is a great story and great lesson indeed! But we could also take it as when we have more problems, we learn to appreciate the things we had, or we didn’t notice them before we had the more problems and noise…

    Thank you for sharing 🙂


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