Hold the door open!

Has this happened to you before? Probably,yes! As you walk towards the door of an office or a hotel,the person walking in  front holds the door open for you.Do you remember how good it made you feel- if only for that moment? The other person holding the door open for you may have been a complete stranger-but that one act leaves an unforgettable impression in your mind and made you feel you had a  caring friend.

Is it not surprising that although we all feel good when someone holds the door open for us,we seldom show such gesture  for others? WHY SO?

It is probably because we are all preoccupied with ourselves and obsessed with getting ahead.I would like to share a life changing lessons they don’t teach you in any school: ‘Hold the Door Open’.

We can divide this world into two types of people. Those who push open the door,walk through and let it slam behind them.That is about 97 percent of the population.And there is the 3 percent who open the door and hold it open to allow the next person to walk through.Learn to do that,and you too could join the select 3 percent club.

Holding the door open is not just an act of courtesy,it is a mindset and it reflects on your UPBRINGING.It says you care for people,that you are not so caught up in your own progress that you have scant regards for others.It demonstrate that while you may be in a hurry,you still have time for others.’Hold the Door Open’does not merely make other people feel good.It makes you feel good too.

The amazing habit of holding the door open translates into a behavior of helping and caring.While travelling in a AC coach of a train,when you keep the glass door open for a co-passenger  behind you,its  a good gesture. At the buffet table,you pick up a plate and offer it to a lady behind you in the queue and the smile you see on her is just priceless.These are all small gestures,but they make a huge difference.Hold the Door Open marks you out as someone special.

Try it.Become  an ‘Hold the Door Open’ person.Winning in life is less about naked ambition and more about helping other people win.Someone has rightly said,’Its nice to be important.But it is more important to be nice!’





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  1. Maybe because I’m Canadian or from the Prairies its automatic for me to do and to expect others to do. Until the last few years it would be very rare someone didn’t hold the door for the person behind them. I don’t know why its charging but it’s partly to do with some women reacting that they don’t need the door opened for them and then men aren’t sure if they are being offensive and younger people are always in a hurry and new comers often seem unaware of the expectation. I believe all people should hold the door for all people despite age, gender etc because it teaches you to look back and think of others – to me its a basic human decency. Another great blog!!!!!!

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      1. Yolo! Hug, i read somewhere in your post that you have anger issues and its really uncontrollable at times.
        I have written a few posts which addresses this issue in a practical manner.I have also written a book- Your anger can damage your personal and professional life.This book is available in Pdf format. If you desire, you may read these posts and book and i am sure it will help you a lot!


  2. When I lived in Cleveland everybody held the door open for everybody else, but this year I moved to Boston and I am the only person that seems to do that. I miss it so much. This is such a simple gesture but holding the door open for somebody can make them so happy. Great post!

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