Whatever happens, happens for the best!! DEVELOP THE ‘THIS IS GOOD’ ATTITUDE.


There is an old saying if something happens as per your wish, It is good, but if something does not happen as per your wish, this is also good- because, this is wish of God!!

So, it is pointless worrying about outcomes you cannot control or change. Focus instead on what you can change… when one door shuts, another door opens. This reminds me this African folk tale about a king and his friend.

The king’s friend was an optimistic and cheerful person. Whenever something happened- good or bad- the friend would remark, “this is good!”, they would often go on hunting expeditions and the friend would help prepare the king’s rifles. One day, the friend made a mistake with one of the guns. When the king took that gun and pulled the trigger, his thumb got blown off. Seeing what happened, the friend remarked, “This is good!”, that made the king very angry, ‘No this is not good’, he said and sent his friend off to prison.

After a few years, the king was out in a place where he should have not ventured into. The cannibals living there caught him, before throwing him into the huge earthen pot that was being readied for cooking. It was then, someone  noticed that king had no thumb. As it happened, those cannibals were superstitious lot. They never ate anyone who was less than whole. So, the king was set  free.

As he headed back to his palace, the king recalled the incident when he had lost his thumb. He then realized that his friend had been right in saying, ‘This is good!’. Losing a thumb that day had actually saved his life. He immediately went to the prison and set his friend free. He narrated his story to his friend and apologized. ‘you were right. I should not have put you in prison’, said the kind. ‘That was bad’!

‘No, no. This is good’ said the friend.

‘what do you mean’ asked the king. How could sending you to jail have been good?’

‘don’t you see?’ said the friend. ‘ if I had not been in jail, I would then have been out hunting with you. And the cannibals would then have killed and eaten me!’

So, the next time you find things are not going your way, think of the king’s thumb. And whatever happens, just say ‘This is good!’ you will suddenly find the world a better place. And you will discover how empowering that can be. Instead of playing victim and wallowing in self-pity, the ‘This is good!’ attitude compels you to take ownership and do things that can be life-changing.


When you say, ‘this is bad’, the mind gets conditioned to look for difficulty in opportunity and when you say ‘this is good’, the mind looks for opportunity in difficulty, and therein is born a winner or a loser.



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Thanks and Regards.



10 thoughts on “Whatever happens, happens for the best!! DEVELOP THE ‘THIS IS GOOD’ ATTITUDE.

  1. Very inspiring and very true! Sometimes we find it so hard to apply especially when we lose a thumb or when we have something really bad happened but the story example is really great! Thank you for sharing

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  2. Your comments too are very inspiring.What i like most is that you are so expressive and give your opinion on my most of the posts! And it motivates me a lot!

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  3. Hello! How are you sir!?
    I’m greatly inspired by your words!! I was just reading your posts and realised.. I missed many! Great posts sir!


  4. Hi Soumya! I am so glad to see you after quite some time! I am good soumya! Hope you are doing good in your life.What are you upto?
    I am really humbled by your sweet comments! Such comments inspire me too.
    Be in touch!
    Lots of love to you,Soumya!


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