Perfume researcher Shalini patil (name changed) was raped and murdered in cold blood on 5th October 2016 by the former security guard Rakesh singh of a posh housing society in Goa where Shalini patil was residing in a rented flat. Reason: Anger and revenge.

The true story goes like this: Shalini patil was a high-profile perfume researcher and was staying in Goa at a posh housing society flat on rent. Shalini had hired the security guard, Rakesh Singh of the society to wash her car and his interactions with her were frequent. Singh was also fascinated with Shalini. It so happened that Shalini’s stolen umbrella was found in the possession of Rakesh Singh. Shalini reported this incident to the housing society and Shalini rebuked Rakesh in front of the society members. Rakesh was eventually terminated from his job. Singh’s employer refused to pay him his two months’ salary totaling to rs 20,000. Rakesh was very angry with this incident and held Shalini responsible for the loss of his job and two months’ salary.

Rakesh was so angry and frustrated that he decided to take revenge from Shalini. Posing as a security supervisor, Rakesh knocked at the door of Shalini’s flat and pulled his way in and held Shalini at knife point. As she was about to shout, he covered her mouth with his hands and took her inside the washroom. Shalini became nervous and went into semi-conscious state.

He then tied her hands and legs on the bed and demanded her debit card and mobile with their pin number and password. Shalini was helpless, she obliged the security guard. Rakesh then raped her. Sensing that he will eventually be caught, he smothered Shalini with a pillow and murdered her in cold blood.

Needless to say, that Rakesh Singh was ultimately caught by the police and what is more important to see is that, can arrest of Rakesh return the precious life of Shalini Patil? Definitely not!

Message: These types of incidents have become very common these days where one has to face the wrath of hot tempered people. Shalini had not done anything wrong by complaining against the security guard. Such people must be taken to task for their wrong doings. To avoid such incidence which may take your life, you need to be more careful and adopt safety measures. Please install safety devices in your flat (with camera facility) which can easily avert such incidents by not opening your door for such suspected and perverted people and taking the help of other security guards of the society through intercom facility available these days.


  1. Very sad story and what’s happening on daily basis is also horrible! The problem that sometimes the criminal is the one you didn’t take precautions against! Thank you for spreading awareness!

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