1-Everyone without exception has a talent that comes easy to them.It could be a talent for number,running a business,acting,public speaking and for getting along with people…whatever! If you can find something you are really good at,you are more likely to succeed at it.You have given yourself a head-start.

2-The corollary to finding your talent,of course,is denying what you are best at.The only thing worse than not finding your genius is finding it and wasting it.

3-Tomorrow will take care of itself.There is lot to be said for having long terms goal,for having a vision of where you want to be in a month,a year or a decade,but not if it binds you to the importance of what you are doing now.We should be more impressed with people who can focus on problems that need immediate attention.They build their success step-by-step,by concentrating on each challenge,as if it is the only thing that matters.


Don’t be distracted by what others do-unless you can use it to inspire you.

4-People have two options when they are in a jam.They can try to waffle around the problem or they can open their soul and tell the truth.

CANDOUR IS THE BETTER OPTION(being open and honest).

When in doubt,I am very upfront.If I have done anything wrong,I just admit it.If I am mad,I say so.If I am disappointed,I let people know.Candour is not only personally therapeutic,but it tends to calm most raw nerves.

Candour can also set you apart from the crowd.Most people are not as candid as they should be about what they have done or what they can do for you.Be candid with people in those moments when you have achieved far less than expected.you will find that they are more likely to remember your frankness instead of your failings.They are also more likely to forgive you and to be equally candid with you.

5-We have all known people who can light up a room.They lift people’s spirit with their energy,good humour and confidence simply by walking through the door.Enthusiasm is contagious.And when other people catch it,they will go out of their way to accommodate you,sometimes even when it is inconvenience to him.

6-The best thing about doing what you love is that it empowers you to keep  going to endure the hardships and sacrifices long after your opponents have quit for the day.That advantage is very hard for others to overcome.In fact,the hardship tend to become a satisfying part of the process.If you don’t love what you are doing,you don’t love succeeding at it.In fact you won’t succeed at all.

7-You have to have fire in your belly.If that is not there in whatever you do,you can never experience MAGIC MOMENTS in your life and career.



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