What it takes to succeed in life?


My reply will always be when it is a question of your life and death!! Before i elaborate on my reply, i would like to remind you that famous proverb of Beau Taplin:

“On the difficult days,when the worlds on you shoulder,

remember that diamonds are made under the weight of mountains”.

I have walked through, like other people, the most difficult times in my life by always reminding me this proverb and so can you-during the most difficult times in your life. The day you have a heart attack, i bet, you quit smoking next day, if not same day. WHY? SIMPLE! It is now a question of your life and death-do you agree or not?

Let me share with you a very interesting story. A disciple once asked his GURU(Mahatma) that what was the secret of success.Mahatma asked his disciple that if he was really serious to know the secret of success,he should come to the nearby river tomorrow  sharp 4 in the morning. His disciple gladly agreed and was at the river side next day 4am.

He found that his Guru was already inside the river,performing prayer.Guruji called his disciple inside the river water,hold his disciple’s hair in his hand and put his head under the water.When disciple was short of breadth,he wanted to get his head out of the water.But Guruji did not allow him to do so.A point came,when disciple was totally out of breadth and felt death like situation.But Guruji had held his head so tight under the water,that he couldnot do anything.When disciple was virtually losing his breadth to a death like situation,he suddenly pushed back Guruji with all his force and managed to emerge out of the water.The disciple angrily asked guruji-why did he do this cruelity to him.Guruji told him-“THIS IS THE SECRET OF SUCCESS”.You succeed in life,when it is a question of your life and death.The disciple touched the feet of his guru to pay his gratitude to him for this eye-opening lesson.

Likewise,when you are down in dumps,remember to keep kicking,keep fighting.It is important to ensure that in such cases,you do not get shocked into inaction like a deer caught in a car’s headlight.YOU MUST KEEP TRYING.What you do in these difficult times will determine-what happens to you next.Yes,it may also happen that simply fighting hard in a difficult situation may not guarantee you a success.But remember,not trying and simply giving up will only guarantee FAILURE.

This could not only be key to your survival,it could potentially be a Life Changer.If you find you are suddenly fired from the job,don’t fret. It just may be the perfect opportunity to hone a new skill or develop a latent talent.That could totally change your life for better.People have switched careers and turned to Blogging,writing,teaching,farming etc and discovered far more joy in their new-found vocations than their earlier jobs,what fat pay cheques and fancy designations could never have given them.People have started business  in their most difficult hour,that brought them unimagined fame and wealth.



That moment of strife,that hour of darkness,those Crisis-ridden days could be the opportunity to craft a new beginning.A NEW VICTORY!!!



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