We normally hear our parents,friends and others telling us to be fearless. While it is good not to fear anything but to fear a few things in life is also desirable. It is a balancing act that is required.

If you have seen the movie Troy, an army officer tells the General,”Sir,the army is under fear that you may punish them”. The General responds quickly something very important. “Fear can be constructive if you can manage it well”.

It is true that you manage and lead people by setting a very high example of yourself. But this is also a fact that men are managed by the FEAR of punishment. You would agree that it is because of the fear of the police,that criminals and crime rate is controlled.It is because of fear of losing the job that employees become productive. It is also only because of  fear of punishment that children are controlled by parents and teachers.

However,managing  someone’s fear is an skill and some guidelines on managing fear is as below:

  • Be fearless yourself. Being fearless at all times could be your highest achievement.But to be totally fearless,you need to do only right things in your life. Once in a battlefield,a warrior said,”If I look directly into the  eyes of the enemy just for a few seconds,my fear disappears”. In other words,you must face the challenge of life directly without depending on anything or anyone.
  • Never, Never misuse fear.you can misuse the fear of your subordinates.you naturally command fear just because of being in a position of authority or power.But remember,respect cannot be demanded  but commanded.you can force others to fear you through authority and the power wielded.But to win respect,you have to win the heart of the other person.If you want to check if you are a successful leader or not,try to find out if everyone is comfortable and happy when you are around.
  • you must punish fairly.Punishment is unavoidable at times.However,one can punish rightly and justly.As you know,in a billiard game,if you hit the ball too hard or too soft,it won’t go into the pot.You should hit the ball with the right amount of force.Likewise,if you punish too much,you will be seen as a terror.But,if you are too soft,the work will not get done.Its a balancing act that is required.SO BE FIRM,YET CONSIDERATE.

A criminal was being sent to the gallows.As is the normal practice,he was asked what his last wish was.He replied to the shock of the jailer.”To kill my father because of whom I am going to the gallows…..”He never corrected me when I was wrong,nor did he punish me when I deserved it.So,I never had the fear of being punished and  IT IS THAT FEARLESSNESS WHICH HAS TODAY BROUGHT ME TO GALLOWS.


To create fear in the mind of wrong people,to punish people when they deserve is very important-this will only benefit them.At the same time, misuse of fear must be avoided to the right people to make them fearless.



As i am also a life coach, if you so desire, you can refer to me  your personal, professional and family issues either through my blog or my email (given below) and I would send you my advice within a week.I am extending my services  to you for a very nominal  fee of 1 $ per advice which I only want to charge because when you get something free, you do not value it.My main objective

is to give you the benefit of my knowledge and three decades experience  so that you begin to think and understand life issues in an appropriate and rational manner and right perspective and lead a calm,anxiety free and happy life.

My email: ravi_singh52@hotmail.com

Thanks and Regards.


  1. Wow. This is so realistic post. I have my own fears. Some of those fears have been protective. Although I am of opinion that we should not be afraid of human being. Good job Ravi. God bless you dear friend.

    This reminds me of this one quote:
    Proverbs 1:7
    The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction.

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