1-What is the Most Important Word….in the dictionary? It is the sound of your name.And how cheerful you feel when someone remembers it.It certainly makes you like him,doesn’t it ? And how small you feel,if someone who should have remembered,forgets your name.For most people,their names(especially  first name) are the most important word in the world.


2-Being Psychoanalyzed: Why do we criticize?If it is because we want people to do better work and improve in future,it is all well and good, but is that the real reason?Analyze your motives.It will help you a lot.


3-Let it Simmer:Do you know that in your ordinary day-to-day life,it also does a lot of good if you let things simmer.A delay of a day or  two seldom does any harm.But if you do a thing in a hurry and in anger and retort with a furious reply,the damage done  may be enormous.And it may take months of hard work to put things right again.


4-Pave the way:This is what one must do before you criticize anybody.If people have done something the wrong way and even if they know that they are in the wrong,they will resent it bitterly if you tell them so.You may first talk about neutral subject.Then find something you can braise.Pave the way.People will then take cricism willingly,otherwise,they will fight to the last to prove BLACK IS WHITE.


5-Eat it….that’s the worst about threats.We mostly threaten without thinking,and in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred,we have to eat our threats simply because we just cannot carry them out.So don’t threaten,because,when you have to eat your words,it is very humiliating.It does not do you or anybody any good!!


6-Readymade suits:you must have found that in most cases they do not  fit.It is same with readymade answers.When someone brings a problem,you should not give him a quick readymade answer,even if you know it is the right one.Instead help him to think out the answer for himself.Let him workout his own solution.It is far better this way than giving him the answer will never find a faster way of making people more efficient.


7-The little Personal Touches:Its little personal touches that make all the difference.If one of your man is away sick,enquire about his health when he comes back.It does not take too much time or effort.It is just  a question of being thoughtful. Believe me,these little human touches certainly makes all the difference.


8-Listen Patiently:The best way to handle complaints is simply to listen patiently and attentively.A man often only wants to get something off his HEAD AND CHEST.




  1. Thank you for the post, Ravi Singh. Each is a universal ointment for what ails all men and each is well-presented in a thoughtful, self-deprecating manner. I looked for a method to re-blog this posting, and will pursue such for one of my blogs with due credit of course to its author. Again, my gratitude for crafting a message which caused me to forego transcribing my own writings to read yours.

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  2. Reblogged this on richwrapper and commented:
    I knew – if I kept at it I would find “reblog” Ravi Singh. I feel confident this will not be the only such reblog I take from your fine mind – and hand. J Richards (reblogged to “Commentary, Outrages, Prose” blog under the ageis of “richwrapper.”

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