Your instincts are your personal source of wisdom and it is not easy to listen to this still,small voice within.It often becomes difficult to listen  to your instincts when the world around you pressures you to conform to its dictates.Nevertheless,you must listen to those hunches and feeling that comes to you when you most need them.They can also give you fulfillment and abundance you may seek.

In my view,as we grow older,we give far greater respect to our instincts and to the natural reservoir of intuition that stayes within each one of us.The impressions we receive when we first meet a new person or that inner  sense of wisdom that softly dictates us in the right direction during a difficult time have now come to  play larger part in the way we work and live.It looks like that with age comes the corresponding power and ability to trust our own instincts

IT has been found that our personal instincts grow stronger when we live “on purpose”, which  precisely means spending our days on activities that advance us along the path to our legacy.When you are doing the right things and living the way nature intended us to live,we liberate the fullness of the person we really are.

The Indian philosopher Patanjali has well said:

When you are inspired by some great purpose,some extraordinary projects,all your thoughts break their bonds:your mind transcends limitations,your consciousness expands in every direction,and you find yourself in a new,great and wonderful world.Dormant forces,faculties and talents become alive,and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.



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