I was once during my corporate days attending the life leadership seminar of a very famous motivational speaker where he asked the participants this question:”who would agree with me that we learn the most from our most difficult experiences”? I saw nearly every hand in the room going up,including mine.It occurs to me nearly after a decade now that,if it is so,I fail to understand why we,as human being,spend so much of our lives focusing on the negative aspects of our most difficult experiences rather than seeing these sufferings as blessings in disguise!!

Believe me readers,you would not have the wisdom and knowledge you now possess were it not for the setbacks and hardships you have faced,the mistakes you have made and the sufferings you have endured along the path of your life.You must accept the fact once and for all that pain is a teacher and failure is the gateway to success.You cannot learn swimming without water entering through your nose and mouth and you will never learn horse riding without falling and atleast  one bone fracture.

Begin to see your troubles as blessings in disguise and be determined to turn your pain into wisdom.Like most people,I too have had my own share of pain and tremendous hardships in my various phases of life.But I always remind and self motivate myself that we can become strong only by going through life’s toughest challenges and experiences.It is during life’s most trying times that we discover who we really are and the boundless energy and strength that lies within us.

If you are currently experiencing unsurmountable challenges of your own,I would like you to remind you the famous words of Rainer Maria Rilke,which has always inspired me a lot during my toughest time.

“Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart.Try to love the questions,like locked room and like books written in a foreign language.Do not now look for the answers.They cannot now be given to you because you could not live them. It is  a question of experiencing everything.At present you need to live the question.Perhaps you will gradually,without even noticing it,find yourself experiencing the answer,some distant day”.

So, my dear Readers,have patience with all your  pain and suffering and your life will give you all the answers to your discomforts and make your life better at an appropriate time.



As i am also a life coach, if you so desire, you can refer to me  your personal, professional and family issues either through my blog or my email (given below) and I would send you my advice within a week.I am extending my services  to you for a very nominal  fee of 1 $ per advice which I only want to charge because when you get something free, you do not value it.My main objective

is to give you the benefit of my knowledge and three decades experience  so that you begin to think and understand life issues in an appropriate and rational manner and right perspective and lead a calm,anxiety free and happy life.

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