Managers should strive to be role models, setting an example of a mature professional behavior. Unfortunately. however, some managers exactly do the opposite. These immature individuals refuse to control their emotions and freely vent their frustrations by yelling at employees. Amazingly, their own bosses seldom see this childish behavior. If you are stuck with one of these stress-inducing Managers, you may follow these coping suggestions.

1. Accept the fact that you have an immature manager. Lower your expectations. This boss is never going to be wise, mature mentors of your dreams. So just expect him to act like a tantrum-throwing two-year-old boy.If you develop this mindset,you will not be disappointed.

2. Don’t take it personally, Bad tempered bosses yell at everyone except people who have more power. So, remember that this has nothing to do with you personally.

3. Don’t respond in kind- yelling back at your bad-tempered boss will only escalate this situation, and since this person has some power over you, that could affect your career adversely. This may not be fair but it is a fact.

4. Remember that one of you needs to act like an adult. That must be you. If two people act like children, the result is a playground fight. Since your manager is already acting like a kid, you are the only one left who can keep the situation under control.

5. Wait until the dust settles down: If you don’t feed the fire, the managerial temper tantrum will gradually recede. You cant have a rational conversation with an angry person. So, keep your responses neutral and minimal until she/he burns herself/ himself out.

6. But- if your boss crosses the line and becomes abusive, talk to HR head or Higher management.

7. A HOTHEAD MANAGER IS ONE THING, BUT AN ABUSIVE BOSS IS ANOTHER. If your manager’s behavior is extreme or causes ongoing emotional stress, you need to talk with someone. Companies should not tolerate such managers. So, someone in HR or upper management must know this.

8. AND IF THE SITUATION STILL DOES NOT IMPROVE, GET OUT OF THERE, Perhaps, you can learn to cope with the situation. Or perhaps you can change it. But, if neither seems possible, YOU NEED TO FIND A MORE PROFESSIONAL PLACE TO WORK.

Abusive managers can be damaging to your mental and physical health, and no job is worth that.



  1. It’s a very important subject and well written! We face this the entire time and many lose their jobs because of the bad managers, it’s sad but we must know out limits and when to close the door and leave
    Thank you 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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