In my view, Yes! Definitely!
There are many ways by which human being communicate. We talk,we write,we sing, we emote and we use gestures and we also use silence. Have you ever realized that silence,in fact, is the most powerful mode of communication. we become most powerful when we are silent. It should never be taken as a sign of our weakness. It provides us inner strength to express trust and self-worth. It is from this base of inner strength that our actions evolve. Silence can create wonders,if used strategically in right manner.

⦁ We convey our Disagreement:
Contrary to powerful belief, silence does not only signify acceptance. It also signifies that you disagree. When a Manager makes an announcement and the entire team is cheering. If one person is standing in the corner silently with a wry smile playing on his/her lips,this silence rings louder than all the all the cheers, and is often viewed as silent disagreement. The person may not be happy with the managements decision.

⦁ We convey our acceptance:
This is an idea widely propagated by Bollywood. In an oft-repeated scene in old Bollywood movies, we often see the heroine run inside when a proposal for her marriage is being discussed.This act is often seen as agreement to the proposal. If to a room full of people someone says, ” Do you see some problem? ” and the audience remains silent, it is understood as having accepted the proposal.

⦁ To convey our Displeasure:
This happens most often in personal relationships. When we are cross with someone, we remain silent. This is especially relevant to couple. When one person is unnaturally silent for some time, the other should guess that the person is angry. It is then time to introspect and see what we could have done, or not done,that could have made our partner angry.

⦁ We try to maintain Peace:
At time it is best to stay silent.Especially during heated arguments, if one partner chooses to remain silent, the angry discourse does not survive for for too long. Someone has very rightly said:
” Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret”
As humans, our mind is programmed to respond when asked a question, or even otherwise. However, silence used at the right moment is the best communication strategy.IT AVOIDS A LOT OF HEARTACHE AND PROBLEMS.


” Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place but far more still difficult, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment”


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