There was once a rich and successful business man who dealt in food grains. He used to purchase food grains in large quantities from farmers and  stocked them in his storage house. He had employed two clerks to look after the accounts and record of his business. Both the clerks had started working simultaneously five years ago, at the salary of Rs 5k per month each. During the course of five years, the salary of the first  clerk was increased from 5k to 30k pm whereas the second clerk’s salary had only been increased to 15k per month.

Due to large variations in their salaries the second clerk always remained depressed and dissatisfied. One day he gathered the courage and asked his employee the reason for this partiality. “We are both working at the same post for the same numbers of years, then why is there such a big difference in our compensations?”he asked. The businessman looked at him and smiled. He said in a calm and kind voice, ” there is no partiality. I am paying both of you according to work you both are doing”. However, the second clerk was not satisfied by his answer.

One day, a farmer arrived in the town to sell his grains but stood a little far from the office of the businessman. The businessman saw the farmer and asked his second clerk to go and find out about the grains he had come to sell. In order to prove his worth the second clerk immediately went to collect the information and came back within a few minutes. He informed that the farmer was selling  “Rice”. The businessman asked the second clerk further questions- which brand of rice he was selling, at what price, and from where he had come. The clerk could not reply to any of the questions. He had not tried to find out because he had not been asked to do so. He had only been asked to find out about the product that was being sold and he had done just that.

Now the businessman sent his first clerk, who was drawing a salary of 30k per month to find the product that the farmer was selling. The first clerk too went away but did not return immediately. ” He was taking too much time to complete such simple task. Surely now the boss will realize who deserves better” thought the second clerk.

After a period of two hours, the first clerk came back and informed the product is rice grown in an area which is famous for rice. “It is a good quality rice and the rates at which the farmer is selling it is also very competitive. Last month, Jag Mohan ji, one of our biggest customer, had sent us a demand for this very rice. He is willing to purchase this rice from us in large quantities. I have, therefore, offered to the farmer that we are willing to buy his entire lot provided he sells it to us at a further discounted rates, and the farmer has agreed. I have advised our store keeper to arrange for the space to store this lot and therefore i got delayed.”

All this information was narrated in the presence of second clerk , and the second clerk was now clear about why  he was getting less salary compared to his proactive colleague. The first clerk not had only found about the product, but he had also smartly ascertained its quality, rate,and found out prospective buyer to avoid future losses and storage rentals.


In today’s fast-paced world, one needs to work smartly to stay one step ahead of every situation. In other words, one needs to be proactive. Being proactive means to align things in advance by foreseeing  future risks , problems and challenges!!



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