You will accept that when you are particularly good at somethingh, its so easy to rely on that strength. For example, if your forehand is your stronger strike, you will position yourself to use it much more often.

But turning weaknesses into strengths will give you a competitive edge and make you a more effective leader.Focus energy on improving your weak points. Think about your last performance review or ask your peer what one capability you really need to succeed in the current environment.

Believe me! there is no better way to impress than to reveal a killer back-hand stroke when everyone’s expecting your solid forehand.




  1. I admire your knack to present keen insight, inspiration and wisdom in all your posts in such an interesting and crisp manner. Hitting the bull’s eye always…thank you for writing and sharing…

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  2. This is the best comment i hv recd today! what is amazing is that you hv for the first time opened your heart and express your thoughts through splendid words which is so real! The power is terrific!

    Thank you Geet for this!


  3. I agree with you and I enjoy reading your positive and motivating posts. I am also a writer and I believe in the old saying, nothing beats a failure but a try and one of my weaknesses has always been speaking in front of people. Now that I am in charge of training, I find that I am naturally good at helping people in this way and I love it!

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