It is often seen that development efforts often focus on how you can achieve your career goals over the long term.

Short-term success, however, are  equally  important and critical to deciding and making your next move and preparing for those long-term aspirations. I suggest you three immediate ways to build your career options:

  • Use your strength: Do more of what you do best. Early in a career, it makes sense to try a bit of everything and push to improve in areas of weakness. But at a certain time, it is better to focus on your strengths.
  • Reinforce your “Brand” : Choose activities outside work that develop the image you want to convey. For example, volunteer for the school building committee if you are good at managing projects. Gain broader experience and conversational ways to reinforce your capabilities at work.
  • Create the context for success: Surround yourself with people you need to do your work well. People have to recognize common values and goals before they are likely to share what they know.

So invest in these relationship!!



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