This is a real life, a very dreadful situation when I was working with a multinational company in New Delhi during early 90’s. If I remember correctly it was 1992 when I had a very important and urgent meeting with one of our company’s client based at Merrut in western UP (India), which is about 150 km from New Delhi. It so happened that New Delhi Taxi union called on a strike that day. Since this meeting at Merrut was very important, I decided to take my own car and travel to Merrut. I drove down to Merrut and had my meeting with out client in the afternoon. After finishing my meeting I had lunch with our client and it was around 5 pm I left Merrut to return to New Delhi.

I was driving the car and was alone. After driving for about 100 km, I was passing through an area which was somewhat crowded. I suddenly saw a boy trying to cross the road in a running condition when my car must have been not more than 7-8 ft away from that boy (he must have been around 13 years old). The speed of my car was around 60-70 km/hour. I applied full break but since he was so close to my car, it hit him directly and he flew in the air and fell down about 15-20 ft away from the car. I stopped my car and did not know what to do. Meanwhile, I saw a huge crowd running towards my car from all directions, shouting that kill this driver. They all surrounded my car from all direction and people sat on my car’s roof and bonnet.

I could see my death from all direction. I guess God was with me and He had probably realized that this was not at all my fault and wanted to save my life. While the crowd was shouting against me, a man emerged from the crowd and started telling the crowd loudly-‘Don’t touch this man, let us first take this badly injured boy to a nearby hospital in this car and we will decide the fate of this man later on. The whole crowd became silent and agreed to that man’s advice. A few people lifted that boy from the road and i helped them to keep the boy inside my car, and with two people in my car i drove down straight to a nearby hospital, and requested a doctor to immediately provide the boy medical treatment. The doctor was initially reluctant to admit him as this was a police case. I requested the doctor to do something immediately.  I think some unforeseen divine force was trying to help me and with a little hesitation, doctor immediately admitted the boy in the hospital.

I was most surprised when doctor took me immediately in a separate room and advised me to right away  leave the hospital for my own security. But I was not willing to leave the hospital until that boy was given medical treatment. The doctor kept his hand on my shoulder and told me, “sir, you seem to be a good person and I appreciate your concern for this badly injured boy. This is a very dangerous area and a huge crowd must be shortly coming to this hospital and they can take your life. I know these people very well. So I am requesting you to immediately go away from this place before they reach here.” Meanwhile, some strong inner divine voice was coming to me, telling me to leave  that place. I immediately left the hospital, with a lot of guilt and came to my car. I saw a huge crowd coming from behind towards my car.

I immediately got into my car and drove straight to Delhi and stopped my car only at my Delhi residence. It was a huge relief because I got a second life.Since doctor’s business card was with me,i called up that doctor on phone to enquire about that boy and it was a great mental relief when doctor told me that there was nothing to worry and that boy was better and will be discharged soon from the hospital


If you ever face this kind of dreadful situation, have faith in God. Look up at HIM with all honesty. Stay calm and composed. Don’t get panic. Listen to your inner divine voice because that is God voice. He is guiding you. Act accordingly and nothing can happen to you. Remember that!!



As i am also a life coach, if you so desire, you can refer to me  your personal, professional and family issues either through my blog or my email (given below) and I would send you my advice within a week.I am extending my services  to you for a very nominal  fee of 1 $ per advice which I only want to charge because when you get something free, you do not value it.My main objective

is to give you the benefit of my knowledge and three decades experience  so that you begin to think and understand life issues in an appropriate and rational manner and right perspective and lead a calm,anxiety free and happy life.

My email: ravi_singh52@hotmail.com

Thanks and Regards.


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