Be careful of what you speak. Words are like the arrows being shot from a bow. Just like these arrows, our words too cannot be recalled. They will reach and impact the target regardless of anything.

Words carry enormous weight, and therefore, they do have long-lasting effect. Negative words, in particular, can have far reaching results. Every word that we speak has a force that create powerful effect,either negative or positive, depending upon how and for what the word has been used. We use words to communicate with each other, but are often unaware of their power that they may create an imbalance in our life.

To create happy and encouraging events we must resort to words that bring fruitful results in our lives.

” For good or bad, our conversation is our advertisement. Every time we open our mouth we let others look into our mind”

While communicating with someone, there should be no place for arguments and it should have no link with the personal life of others. we must learn to use the best words in any conversation irrespective of the level of the talks and the results thereof.

We generally feel the heat of wrong words used for us by other people, In place of facing hate,humiliation, insults we may perhaps prefer to bear the loss and scrape the very issue of discussion and decide  never to communicate with people who have hurled derogatory words for us. We must therefore also feel such heat for others. We do not communicate to gain victory or to win a war. We communicate to create a wave of energy that helps us to create our events of life and the circumstances congenial for the purpose of communication.

Sometimes, we hurt ourselves with our own words. In fact, we don’t realize it but we are constantly doing it. When we tell ourselves things like” I am a failure” or,” I am hopeless” or, ” I am good for nothing or ” I won’t get well”, these words carry a wave of the impact that adversely affect our life. They occupy a permanent place in our personality and we start feeling their impact in our practical life. Be sure to make a choice to say the best possible words to yourself. Words like,” I am good with people” can go a long way. ONCE WE SAY THESE WORDS TO OURSELVES, THEY BECOME REAL.



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