This reminds me of my college days. I was once walking down the street in the evening. I heard a man shouting loudly to all those who passed by him: “Have you helped someone today besides yourself?” He was trying to raise money. For his cause! But it got me thinking about giving. You need to give to get. Giving does begin the receiving process.

Give support to get it. Give praise to receive it. Give your best to attract it. Give more respect to experience it. And give more love to become beloved. Powerful thoughts: If uou make five people feel better about themselved each day, by the end of one year you will singlehandedly have elevated the lives of nearly 2000 people.

Continue this practice and – after a decade- you will have positively impacted 20,000 people. Factor in the number of people that those you touch, in turn, influence and you will quickly realise that your “ little daily gesture of inspiration” can end up helping hundreds of thousands of human beings over the course of your lifetime.

Give to get. Nice refrain. And so staggeringly simple. Help others reach world class. And they will joyfully help you get to your cherished ideals.




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