We live in a world seduced by the easy. We want to look great and be spectacularly fit but we don’t want to have to exercise to get there. We want to be successful in our careers but we wonder if there is a way to reach world class without having to work hard and be disciplined.

We dream of living fearless, joy-filled life, but we all too often avoid the very best practices( like getting up early, taking risks, setting goals and reading) that are certain to deliver us to our ideals. Nothing comes for free. There are no free lunches. The best  things in life  require sacrifice and devotion. Each of us, to get to our own unique forms of personal and professional greatness, must pay the price. And the more we pay, the more we will receive.

Wanting to live your best life, at work and at home, without having to work at it and stay disciplined around our to Do’s, is like wanting an amazing garden without having to plant anything. Or like hoping to be in superb physical condition without having to give up the daily chocolate bar. Or like praying to have a great business by swallowing some magic pill. Whatever happened to committment? And dedication?

Great lives don’t just occur out of blue. They are crafted and built, like the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China, block by block,day by day. And superb business don’t just appear. they are forged through continuous and never-ending improvement and effort.

Lets not fall into believing the best things in life come without effort. Give your best, and the best will come to you.

100% true!

Enough said!




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