A superb, simple, splendid and a clean book every adult must read!!

Dear Reader (Both national and international),

This is my latest book which has been launched recently in MAY’18.


I am offering a free sample of a chapter from this book.If you are interested and want to read it, you can mail me on ravi_singh52@hotmail.com. Alternatively, you can ask for it in your comment column. 


  1. To improve your knowledge and skill about love making.
  2. To practice a safe sex.
  3. To understand in a simple manner about Obesity, pre-mature ejaculation, erectile- dye function and anxiety and find a practical solution to overcome these major problems and enjoy lovemaking.
  4. To develop a creative mind to explore new lovemaking techniques and move away from conventional ways, which defy the very purpose of lovemaking.
  5. To know the road map of start to finish stages in lovemaking.



  • Price- Rs: 67/$1. Nett.
  • you can send your order for this book to my e-mail : ravi_singh52@hotmail.com
  • Payment can be made through PayPal by international readers.
  • Book in pdf form will be sent to you within an hour, on receipt of your payment, to your e-mail ID.
  • For any further query, you can send it to my above e-mail ID.

Thanks and Regards.

Pl do give me your feedback.




  1. Thanks Siddhartha for your inspiring words! I have written these five books in last four years. First in 2015,second in 2016.third and fourth in 2017 and finally this 5th book published in May 2018! So its a massive hard work of last four years.
    I only now decided to make it available for my wordpress readers so that they read it and take its full benefit.Hence these posts to you all!
    Trust me all these five books are life changing!
    Thank you so much for your sweet words!

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  2. This is so right about men and women. Our needs are different when it comes to the matter of the heart and they are also met differently but with mutual understanding love and fulfillment flows.

    Amazing post.

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  3. Thank you Rotimi.I am impressed with your feedback bcz they are true!
    Having said that,would you not like to read a free sample of this book or buy this book in pdf form whose cost is only$1.


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