A book all Job Seeker and Professional must read!! This book was written by me in 2016 primarily for Professionals.


  1. You need to know the fast changing job culture in India.
  2. You need to know and understand Average Age concept and its fall-out.
  3. You have to accept the fact that, gone are those days now where people used to retire at the normal retirement age of 58 or 60. Forced retirement is new reality.
  4. Under the new concept of ‘Average Age’ in a company, you may be given a pink-slip in the age group of 40-45.
  5. If you are a working Professional, you must create a pipeline or a second source of income, while you are still in job.
  6. You boss may not let you read this book-why? You must find out that secret.


In the fast changing corporate culture average age concept has become a watch-word. The companies don’t seem to be retaining even star performers till their retirement age of 58-60. The sanctity of retirement age has become meaningless now.

I recently read an article in the Times of India that average age concept has now seen a sea change in the corporate sector. From the average age of 50. just a decade ago, it has now been brought down to the age of 40. As a result of this coupled with other reasons too, many bright professionals are receiving pink-slip in the age group of 40-45. It is a known fact that thousands of bright employees have lost job in MNC’s during last couple of years.

The bottom line is that, despite your star performance, your job and future is not secured after certain age in top class companies. This is the reason why i have written this book.

My book is a small effort to make you understand the changing job culture in corporate sector and the corrective steps you should start taking immediately to secure you and your family’s future forever.


  1. Decide at 30. Act at 35. Rock at 40.
  2. The book will open your eyes and tell you the present realities of Job-Industry.
  3. Doing job is a model our fathers followed and one day they taught us to follow this traditional model!! Simple!! and we will possibly transfer this to our children and the viscious cycle will go on and on. Should this mindset not change with changing job culture.
  4. Should a great job be your ultimate dream?
  5. If you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always gotten.
  6. The doubling or compounding concept has become such a corner stone of wealth creation that rich people don’t have to work for money. They make money work for them. Find out- How?



I dedicate this book to all my readers who are either a professional or on way to becoming a professional.


  • you can send your order for this book to my e-mail :
  • Price- Rs: 67, $1. Nett.
  • You can remit your payment through money transfer from your bank to my bank account. I will send you my book account on receipt of your order.
  • Book in pdf form will be sent to you within an hour, on receipt of your payment, to your e-mail ID.
  • For any further query, you can send it to my above e-mail ID.
  • Thanks and Regards.________________


5 thoughts on “JOB IS GREAT, BUT NOT THE BEST!!

  1. Thank you Siddhartha for your encouraging words. Print edition cost is Rs 200 plus delivery charges which will depend upon the destination where it has to be despatched through courier.
    If you decide to buy this book in pdf form it will cost you just Rs 67 0r $ 1.
    Pl decide and let me know your decision!
    Thanks again for showing your intrest in this book!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! Fantastic compliment! I loved it!
    This is also an eye opening book for all working Professionals and people who are seeking job! You must read it!


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