A superb, simple, splendid and a clean book every adult must read!!

Dear Reader (Both national and international),

This is my latest book which has been launched recently in MAY’18.


  1. To improve your knowledge and skill about love making.
  2. To practice a safe sex.
  3. To understand in a simple manner about Obesity, pre-mature ejaculation, erectile- dye function and anxiety and find a practical solution to overcome these major problems and enjoy lovemaking.
  4. To develop a creative mind to explore new lovemaking techniques and move away from conventional ways, which defy the very purpose of lovemaking.
  5. To know the road map of start to finish stages in lovemaking.


I often read the sexepert column of renowned newspapers and magazines. I was once surprised to see a question from a Magazine Reader, which was like- ” You often recommend condom as a protection. I would like to know what a condom is and how it is used?

Can anyone of you believe that such a question can be asked from a 29 year old urban young man? This is just one example. I come across many such silly questions being asked to a sexologist. There can be only two reasons: First. the person asking such questions is trying to act funny or secondly, he completely lacks education about sex.

While i have written this book to address primarily those people whose bedroom life is troubling them, this book can also be useful to those people who are ignorant about sex and definitely need sex education.


  1. A man needs sex to get intimate, while a woman needs to get intimate to have sex.
  2. How to bond emotionally through sex.
  3. Does marriage help us stop being tempted? Find out!!
  4. Lovemaking is a gift from God but to repeat the same traditional ways defy the purpose of lovemaking!!
  5. Women and Men need to understand that sex is not a performance- it is meant for mutual pleasure!!
  6. Obesity, Anxiety, Stress and premature ejaculation are the real culprit!!
  7. Marriage is intended to keep you holy & accountable!!
  8. Can your bedroom skill be an option?


I dedicate this book to all my beloved married readers of my wordpress.com posts who may undoubtedly be knowledgeable about lovemaking but their bedroom life may be monotonous because they often miss the finer points and are therefore devoid of pleasure they truly deserve. My unmarried readers will also find this book useful to enhance their knowledge on sex education.


  • you can send your order for this book to my e-mail : ravi_singh52@hotmail.com
  • Price- Rs: 67, $1. Nett.
  • You can remit your payment through money transfer from your bank to my bank account. I will send you my book account on receipt of your order.
  • Book in pdf form will be sent to you within an hour, on receipt of your payment, to your e-mail ID.
  • For any further query, you can send it to my above e-mail ID.

Thanks and Regards.




    1. Thank you so much Anu for your motivational words! But i am not going to leave you like this.
      It will really make me happy if you buy this book in pdf form, which will cost you you just Rs 67, and read my whole book.It will be a life long experience for you which u must go through.
      Hv a nice time and keep smiling ,Anu!


  1. Thank you so much! U have only only read a summary or highlights of the book!
    I will be happy if you could order for a copy in pdf form which will cost you only $1.
    It will give me a confidence of selling my book to my precious international reader.
    You can decide!
    Hv a nice time. Thanks again for you precious feedback!


  2. Its my passion to read as much as possible and write so that people can take this knowledge and apply in their life.
    I have written this book after lot of research,surveys and my own experience.This is a very knowledgable book on sex education and how to apply it to make lovemaking a wonderful experience.You will not get these informations anywhere. So read it and have a command on knowledge about sex!


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