A Brilliant and signature book you will feel why you did not read it long back!!

This is my first book which was published in 2015



1. You can make things happen only if you have

a) Compelling Reason b) Burning Desire C) Sense of urgency – DO YOU HAVE IT?

2. It speaks about a ‘Universal Truth’ which is scientifically proven and can gift you a happy life. You cant ignore this topic.

3. It talks about taking action and especially that first step today to make things happen tomorrow.

4. It makes you learn to survive in a crisis and walk in life through most difficult times.

5. It deals in Human Relationship and secret of maintaining a healthy relationship.


In the new emerging scenario across the country, loss of precious lives is taking place everyday among teenagers, professionals, married couples, young men and women due to bad performance in the board exam, loss of job, domestic abuses, sexual assaults and insurmountable frustrations. This is a matter of great concern. In order to save people’e precious life, these problems need to be urgently addressed.

My book is a small effort to understand and analyze such alarming scenario and give some useful solution so that people do not give up their efforts and live a dignified and a meaningful life.

There is one more very important reason of writing this book. I want to give message to our young generation that in the midst of your high aspirations and enthusiasm- don’t take things for granted. I can say with certainty that things will not necessarily happen the way you want them to happen. Remember- Life mei kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Always have a back-up plan.


  • Focus to win but don’t hate to lose – It elaborates.
  • Your hard work may not guarantee you success but giving up will only guarantee you failure.
  • your savings and good health can make you live a dignified life.
  • A crisis may hit your life one day- Take and accept it as it comes to you.
  • Don’t waste your words on people who deserve your silence.


I dedicate this book to all my beloved readers, especially the young generations, who are tomorrow’s future. They must read this book to learn- HOW TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.


  • you can send your order for this book to my e-mail :
  • Price- Rs: 67, $1. Nett.
  • You can remit your payment through money transfer from your bank to my bank account. I will send you my book account on receipt of your order.
  • Book in pdf form will be sent to you within an hour, on receipt of your payment, to your e-mail ID.
  • For any further query, you can send it to my above e-mail ID.

Thanks and Regards.


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