In my view-to choose our attitude! What about you?

One of my favourite book is ‘Man’s search for Meaning’, written by Victor Frank, an Austrian psychotherapist who survived confinement  in Nazi concentration camp. So many of these around him perished. They lost hope. They fell into despair, then death.

He managed to get through the ordeal by applying what I believe is our highest human freedom: Our ability to choose how we respond to and process any event that happens to us.

We can look for some good or we can become haunted by the bad.CHOICE IS OURS!

In my view, everything can be taken from a man except one thing,the last of human freedom to choose one’s attitude to a given set of circumstances, to choose one’s way.

Such a Superb and Brilliant ‘OPTION’ to all of us!!

Love it!



  1. Great to see you back Ravi sir. I do agree with your opinion. I hope that u write many more incredible blogs in the upcoming days sir.

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  2. Indeed, Ravi. One of my favorite quotes is that thing about how ten percent of our world is comprised of what happens and 90 percent is in how we react to it. Good and bad can always be found in any situation. Aren’t we blessed to find the good. Many prayers, my friend. Be well.

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