To me, it could be yes! And no also!! 

We normally counsel people to avoid living in the past. “Live in the now”, they advise. “Enjoy the moment”. “The past is a grave”. Well, i can understand what they are saying. But is not there something good about going back in the past and deighting in the delicious moments of the journey so far? And in learning from all we have experienced?

Whether you should revisit the past, to my mind, depends on your intention. If your intention in and reason for going back into your past is to dwell on bad experiences and to worry over things you cannot change and to rehash painful times, then i suggest it is an unhealthy act. Its a complete waste of time and just keeps you stuck. But, if your intention is to reflect on the lessons that events have taught and to grow in wisdom and to savor the precious memories that you were blessed enough to experience, well, then i think that’s a good thing. Because you are letting your past serve you. And make you better!!

I guess what i am inviting you to consider is that its a waste of time to fret over and regret things that cannot be changed. Right. Are you with me!!

But it is an intelligent use of time to bask in good times, feel gratitude for them and use even the challenging times of your personal history to leverage your future success. 

Am i wrong ? Decide!! 



  1. No you’re certainly not wrong! Infact the late paragraph, I do it some times for happy memories for that way you can feel some things again. And it does give a strength for future endeavours. What a brilliant post. I’ve missed your work. They are always inspiring. Will read them up soon. Keep writing amazing stuff🙂😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Have seen your words after a long time! Busy! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments.
    Yes! you must catch up with all my missed posts!
    Hv a nice day,Vageesha!


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