In my views, not really!!

It does not matter what other people think of you. All that matters is what you think of you. We waste so much energy worrying about the opinions of others, wanting to be liked, needing to please.

But authentic leadership and real personal mastery are all about rising above social approval- to self approval. Respect you! So long as you are living by your own values,being authentic,having right intentions and doing your dreams, why worry what anyone else thinks or feels or says about you?

Success is not a popularity contest. And at the end of each day, what matters most is whether you were true to yourself. Whether you made efforts to bring smile on the face of atleast one person.

And that’s my highest wish for you. Always!!

Enough said!!



  1. Firdt,thank you Pooja for sparing your precious time to read series of my posts.Hope you liked them!
    I totally agree with your views.
    Hv a nice time!


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