Love it! Because it has made me strong enough that it no longer affects me.My true and loyal friend!

I am born with pain,grown up with pain, live with pain and to tell you the truth,this has now become the integral part of my life.I now enjoy its company.NO FEAR!!

Yes! I am being very honest with you. I want to share with you a very important lessons I have experienced:

Your pain purifies you! Your stumbles strengthenes you! your failure fortifies you!! Your pain teaches you how to deal with life’s trials elegantly and with grace.

I have learnet through my own challenges what ‘OPTIMISM’ really is: It is knowing that the more painful the event, the more profound the lessons.There are so many best lessons in this life we just don’t want to learn.This is not cool!!

you just can’t tell someone these things and expect him to become wise.Wisdom comes only through pain and hard ways.

So why fear pain??

Profound words. Perhaps the things that break our hearts are the very things that serve to open them. Pain can serve us so well, If we choose to learn the lessons that it carries. And just may be life’s greatest pain and challenges present its biggest gifts and opportunities to you!!


 Optimism has helped me get through very painful times.It has offered me inspiration when i needed it,joy when i craved it and peace when i ached for it. It made me a strong,engaged and alive human being.



  1. This is powerful words used here😊😊….very good advice for me to start up my day….the truth is in every line…pain is lesson….optimistic minds prevail✌

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