Commitment is something that everyone retreats from but always respects when recognized in others.

It is feared, as it implies a need to do something for someone else!

But trust me, it is,in fact, something one does for himself.


Making a commitment is not about undertaking a new responsibility. It is about recognizing one that you already have. IT IS A MEASURE OF YOUR OWN RESPECT FOR YOURSELF.

It is the basis for trust in a relationship.

The ability to commit gives breadth to the relationship; the level of commitment defines it.

Communicating this commitment constantly, like breathing, is not an option but a life-giving necessity.

Saying the right words
only sells your intentions
while showing that you mean what
you say can buy trust;
however, doing what you say, seals it!!


  1. Your posts are really good. I enjoy reading them. If you could increase the font size a bit and try out a different font style, reading would be easier. The current size and style puts strain on eyes.


    1. Thanks for your nice words and good suggestion.I will now take care of font size.
      I am sorry for the inconvinience caused to your eyes.
      Be happy and kp smiling like in your photo!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. First,I am grateful to you that you hv spared your precious time in reading series of my post. I trule value it.
      Secondly, thank you for your sweet words about this post!


  2. Oh! Thats so true… specially the line which mentions that commitments redefine you… and you prove your worth right when you live up to those- not for someone else but for you!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree with you. But that is the way things are and this is unfortunate.
    If you so like,you can forward the link of this post to others who deserve to read it!
    Hv a good day!


  4. Thank you so much Anuskha for such a sweet words about this post!
    I too get motivation from person like you.
    Be happy. I loved your smile and kp smiling like this!


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