” Detachment is not dispassion

nor is it indifference

It is also not an absence of love.

In fact,

It takes great love

to be detached.

In its deepest  form,

love can only

be detached.”


18 thoughts on “LOVE

      1. To call someone by his/her first name is great feeling and you love it. you may apply this on me also!


      2. Navya,we all belong to a blogger’s community where nobody is junior or senior.we are all equals in all respect.Age, colour,height or anything has nothing to do with anything. so don’t have any prejudice!
        Do you agree or not?

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      3. I totally agree that we are equal and I don’t really care about any of such things but from my perspective I wouldn’t call someone who’s elder to with their name and I just guessed you are elder to me by your picture and that’s just my wild guess. Sorry if I’m wrong.

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