You will never know if you don’t even try.How can anybody know what you want unless you ask for it.There is a giant power in asking for what you want. Even the newly born baby fails to get his/her mother’s milk unless he/she cries.

All too often,our internal chatter prevents us from taking the steps needed to get us to our own unique form of greatness.

We get kept small by our ‘inner’ imaginings-so many of which are lies.The best of the best,those who love glorious lives, that matter, ask like crazy. They understand that asking questions is a habit that must be polished for it to shine. And the more you do it, the easier it gets( like any skill)

And so they ask. For the support and help they need at work. For the understanding they may seek at home. For the break they need for their business. Ah! For a better table at their favourite restaurant. For a better seat at a sold-out concert.

And because they ask more they get more.( Success always has been a number game)


Nothing happens until you ask. People are not mind readers. They need to know What is meaningful to you.AND IF YOU ASK NICELY,THEY JUST MIGHT SAY YES.




  1. The last part about if you ask nicely, they might say yes was the best thing I found today to read! Asking always doesn’t guarantee, at least happened some time with me but at least opens up avenues for further dialogue, you may get you want partially or fully but if not then you learn!


  2. Very true.If you don’t ask you won’t get 100%.But if you ask nicely,despite no guarantee, you stand a chance and its worth exploring to see various possibilities- this is what i am trying to say.
    Thanks vageesha for your quick and thoughtful feedback.
    Have a good day!!


  3. Another mind-opener post. Most of the time, introverts fall prey to such “ask-them” situations, where you get few (if not nothing) without asking. And, I think I’m going to get everything more from now on, of course, by asking 😉


    1. There are 11 views today from Bangladesh and i am sure this magician must be Fahmida.Thank you for taking so much intrest in my posts and i am sure they will make a difference in your life.And if you feel do let me know.

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      1. Surprised to know that you guessed it right. Yes, I visited your posts for a couple of time today, but it may also happen that you’ve got some other, unknown fans from BD who visited today, who knows!

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  4. Thank you Fahmida for your nice and honest feedback- i loved it. Yes,pl do ask nowonward and i am sure you will get most of the time,if not always.But then,its ok-law of average should work for you.
    Cheer up and make others also cheer up.

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  5. All they can say is no, eh, Ravi? This is another lesson that took me some time to learn; these days, I’m pleased that I have learned it and do use it. So many people fail to ask for what they want, or even what they need. If people take this to heart, Ravi, it could do a lot of good. As always, your words have potentially wide-ranging effect. Kudos, my friend.


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