It does not matter what other people think of you.What really matters is what you think of you.We lose so much energy worrying about the opinions of others,WANTING TO BE LIKED.
To me,Leadership and personal mastery is all about rising above social approval-to self approval.
Respect you.So long as you are living by your values, being real and honest,running your own race and doing your dreams, how does it matter what anyone else thinks, feels or says about you?
Your self-belief, conviction in yourself should define your character and standard. To me ,  A person cannot respect others, unless he respects himself/herself.
Always remember- you are not in a popularity contest. Its about doing what is right!!



  1. Yes, Ravi, and what is more, when we do live life by our own designs–honest, hard-working, considerate, bent to the task–in time, people of true consequence will not only like us, they’ll try to live like us. Much love, my friend. This is a really important one.

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  2. people wear many masks to conceal their own weakness, don’t get caught up in what you believe to be true. I believe always concentrate on your own self development in a positive way and that will feed your self esteem enough to not care too much about other peoples opinions ☺️

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    1. Thank you Twinklingword for reading my post so carefully and saying what you exactly feel about it.I am honoured by your comments.
      By the way where are you from? I am from India.

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      1. Thank you Vageesha for your sweet words.You have a great shine in your eyes like the stars in your blog.Nice to know you are from India-my fellow indian-this gives a sense of pride.
        I suggest you read other posts of my blog as and when you have time and send me your valuable feedback
        Hv a nice time.

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      2. Thank you so much, sir for such kind words ☺️ I feel honoured. It does make you feel at home when you find people from your country. I would love to read your posts. I’m sure I’ll learn from them☺️ You too have a nice day ahead!

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  3. Thank you Hemassphere for your sweet feedback.I am happy that you liked my post.Never mind if you are just 2 post old.You have atleast made a beginning which is most important.There was a time when i was 1 post old but because i did not give up i am 115 post ol now..
    Dont worry.I will surely read your posts and hv you my feedback and support. My only advice to you will be never ever quit. By the way where are you from?


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