You must have observed too many people talk too good a talk these days. Tons of empty promises.Tons of hyperbole.Tons of lofty statements that never amount to anything.
Please remember:
Saying the right words
only sells your intentions.
While showing that you mean what
you say can buy trust;
however,doing what you say,seals it!!

Leaders are different.They talk less and do more. I love the quiet leaders. Those silent souls who UNDER PROMISE and OVER DELIVER.

The merchants of Wow amongst us who know that a person’s word is their bond. And that every promise kept builds credibility- the foundation of trust.

Commitment is something that everyone retreats from but always respects when recognized in others.It is feared, as it implies a need to do something for someone else. But it is, in fact, something one does for oneself.

Every commitment you make redefines who you are. So make a commitment today to be impeccable with your word. And be a person of action. Someone who is all about generating results.



12 thoughts on “MAGIC OF LESS TALK, MORE DO !!

  1. Thank you very much,Fahmida! I dont know whether my ideas are great or not. But i am sure about one thing,I only say things which i experience myself and practice in my own life.My happiest moment will be when you practice and implement these thoughts in your own life and change your life for ever.I hope you are reading my other posts.

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  2. If you think so,i wud suggest that you spread this message among your circle of friends and family.and let them decide for themselves.Thanks for your inspiring feedback which i always value.


  3. Yes, I have seen people speaking and speaking till the point they finally get noticed by the one they intend to. But they don’t see on the way how many others laughed on them.
    The post was great.


  4. I fully agree with you Pooja.Thank you for your honest feedback.
    Are you reading my other posts which will surely benefit you.
    Have a good day,Pooja!


  5. Again a very important and simple fact you have so wonderfully written about. Empty promises and words in absence of actions especially when one is trying to communicate the intent more or less does more harm than good. One feels like these are empty promises just to keep somebody on hook when they can’t lift a single finger to match their actions.


  6. I must say this by far the best feedback i have received this morning.This is a very matured feedback which can come from a person like you who is experienced and read details very carefully.
    I would expect you to give me your feedback as much as possible because it inspires and motivates me too.I will certainly go through your blog soon.
    Have a nice day!


  7. Thank you so much for reading today so many articles of mine.I am truely honoured!
    I am also glad that you have liked all these articles. You hv really made my day today,Priscille!
    May God’s blessings be always on you!


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