Supreme truth can only be contained in silence- not in finite words.In a state of complete silence, we put our mind in a state of quiescence and it becomes the perfect instrument through which the best of ourselves manifests.

It is a noisy world we live in. People talk loudly on cell phones.Ring tones can be heard in once serene restaurants. Most cars have radios on.Most homes have TVs on.I see people chatting on mobile while eating their meals.Not good for digestion.

Each of us, I suggest, must find time for what i call Silence,Solitude and Stillness.At least, find some time( say 15 minute a day) to be quiet and have a calm mind. The calm mind means Courage so that you may face without fear the truth and difficulties of the path. It also means steadiness, so that you may make light of the troubles which come into everyone’s life and avoid the incessant worry over little things into which many people spend most of their time.

Trust me! This is the best practice which will make you much better at work, at home and most importantly with yourself.
Some Practical Strategies:
⦁ When you are in your car or in a taxi,Keep the radio off.Use that time to renew.To observe. To introspect.
⦁ Take 15 minutes before you sleep to immerse yourself in peace or silent.Just chill. Get comfortable with no noise.Get comfortable with yourself.
⦁ Take a daily vow of silence.

These strategies are not just for monks. Its for smart executives,entrepreneurs and business people. Talking takes away a ton of energy.I can’t believe how much some people talk. All day long- on their mobile, at the water cooler and on the train home. It is exhausting just to watch them. Be silent for 15 minutes a day.You will have more energy. More peace. More joy. And so, better performance.

Fight the noise.Get away from the maddening crowds- at least for a bit.You will be happy you did.I do this! you also may try.



  1. This is one I had to learn through hard experience, and it’s also one we’re working hard on with our older son. He, like me before him, has that need to fill silence, because it is uncomfortable to him. That is the case for a lot of people; silence seems to shed light on some self-perceived shortcoming. He feels the need to fill it with idle chatter and grand action. I tell him this. “Consider yourself; think about what you’re going to say or do before you say or do it and ask yourself if it really adds something positive to the situation. If you don’t think it will, don’t say or do it.” This is something I wish someone would have said to me, when I was a young and rowdy punk…not that I would have listened. I think it would be a more serene world if more people would do this. Thanks, Ravi; this one is near and dear to me. We always appreciate you being out on that wall.


  2. I feel honoured by your touching feedback.I am grateful to you that this subject is close to your heart and what a coincidence that this subject is very close to my heart too.My whole life revolve around it.
    Thanks a lot,PA !


  3. Such an important thing to keep in mind. No body talks about these things that are so integral to our being. For introverts especially if they don’t fall silent for a while, they start losing their mind on account of energy deficit which they recharge by spending time alone or in silence. Otherwise also like you said it’s very essential to give your mind and mouth a break.


  4. I am really happy to find Vageesha that you read my post with utmost care,pause about it,Analyze the facts and quckly send me your frank comments.This is a rare quality i don’t find in people these days.But you have it.Great!!


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