Yes! Fear could be scary. When we face it,we are wired to run.We want to avoid it.We consider it a bad thing.But,let me tell you, it is not true.In my mind,fear is splendid.It is an opportunity given to us. In fact, it is a gift!
On the other side of every fear that is keeping you small is your natural power and your true greatness. If you try to run away from your fear,it tantamount to running from the brilliance you were meant to be. A fear is nothing more than a doorway into the highest version of your highest vision. The things that scare you are spectacular opportunities to discover more of all you are meant to be. Trust me! Fear is not bad. It is in fact Superb! It leads to confidence,if you do what you fear.It leads to self-respect.It promotes growth.It makes you better.
So today, at work or at home, if something comes up that makes you feel like running, avoiding or even resisting, don’t make a beeline for the door. you should instead show up like the leader you truly can be and embrace the opportunity you have been presented.Because WHAT YOU RESIST WILL PERSIST.BUT WHAT YOU BEFRIEND, YOU WILL TRANSCEND.




  1. Good post on fear. Fear leads to a lot of rumination which in turn hampers one’s personal growth. In my humble opinion, Robust counterarguments must be made when one is overcome by fear to have productive outcomes.. Great post, well written!! Thanks for sharing..


  2. I really love this post. It makes me motivated to go out of my comfort zone, face my fears, and experience more! I now have a so much better view on fears. Thanks to this post and to you 😊 Have a beautiful day!
    Mary x


    1. Thank you Mary for your nice words.It has made my day to know that my post has motivated you and pulled you out of your comfort zone which is very dangerous.
      Keep smiling like your photo.I feel good to see a smiling face.

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  3. Love it. One of my favorite quotes is an Ingush proverb: “He who fears the consequences cannot be brave.” This reminds me of that. Well said, always, Ravi. We appreciate you being here and doing what you do. Prayers.


      1. I don’t think I have a knack for praising people so much as I realize everyone is worthy of praise. Some people choose to focus on negative things; folks like us realize the there’s always a positive side to focus on. I appreciate your reading always, Ravi, and that you take the time to do the job you do; people like you make it easy to say nice things. Hope your day is rocking right along beneath you. We’ll talk soon.

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  4. I also want to thank you reading series of my posts and liking them too.Thanks for following my blog. I hope to maintain the confidence you have reposed in my blog. Thanks a lot.
    By the way are you from Brazil?


  5. I used to consider Fear as my Enemy, but your words just altered my viewpoint….Fear is one of our best friends in the guise of an opportunity to test our skills. If we can pass this trial, we’ll find success standing behind it ready to embrace us dearly.


  6. I am happy my post has helped you to consider Fear as your friend instead of an enemy.Yes Fahmida,everything in life depends on how we perceive a particular thing and that becomes your way of life.
    Thank you very much for your nice sweet feedback which is the first feedback for today’s morning.I am really very happy to see that you are now reading my posts on a regular basis and this means a lot to me.
    Have a nice day and keep smiling,Fahmida!


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