Marriage is a lifetime commitment and commitment should not be broken!!

Yes, i mean it !! Either you don’t marry and if you marry you have to accept and live with its greener and grey pastures as well. It cannot be a marriage of your convenience. Unfortunately the sanctity of this institution is losing its meaning very fast. Divorces are increasing by leaps and bounds. As a matter of fact, a recent survey on latest divorce cases indicates that it has increased 13 times in the last 5-10 years. In other words, marriage is now becoming a matter of convenience. Relations are breaking at the drop of the hat.

In the hope of a happy married life, people are jumping from ‘ONE-FRY-PAN’ to ANOTHER. They are running after a desert ‘MIRAGE’ which does not exist. They think divorcing one partner will bring happiness from a second or third partner. But it is the same never ending dissatisfaction in their first, second or third marriage. Well, there may be a few exceptions, but by and large, mostly people are unhappy in their married life. Otherwise, why the number of divorces have gone so high!! Think!

If you ask me the number of divorces have gone up so high primarily due to three reasons: People lack PATIENCE, have very high expectations from each other and do not have the right type of thinking. We take things for granted. I can tell you with conviction that if you lack in these areas, you may divorce and marry 100 times but you can never have a happy married life, because the fundamental rules and realities of a married life does not change with changing partners.

Part of the value i hope to add to you is to be a catalyst for positive changes in your married life. To gently push, move and challenge you to get better. To grow more.


Here are 10 challenges i offer:

  • Be Patient
  • Have balanced expectations from each other
  • Have rational thinking
  • Control your impulsive anger
  • Trust each other
  • Communicate with each other
  • Respect each other
  • Be transparent in financial matters
  • Lead a happy sex life
  • Keep away from extra-marital affairs

Having said this, i would also like to add that if you think you cannot control forces as mentioned above and you are in a very uncontrollable situation, you are free to take the final call.



If you are still unmarried, you may please forward this post’s link to your near and dear married person.



  1. Great post! Words are really so powerful and this post can help lots of people on their decision about this matter. Commitment is something that a person should not give is he’s unsure. Otherwise, it will end up in a messy situation.
    The challenges you mentioned are a great help for married couples to maintain a healthy relationship.
    Mary x

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  2. Great Post! It is very sad that there isn’t much patience in marriage anymore and it’s sad to see so many break ups. in fact I feel some of the tough times make the best times, it’s what makes you both stronger and indestructible. of course there are some cases where I believe divorce is a mustang that’s abusive relationships. sadly I also feel that movies give the wrong ideas about romance, marriage, sex, all these set people up with false expectations. lets get real, how do we know a good relationship is if no one talks more openly and constructively. many people are usually married in their 20’s, how are you meant to know at that age that the tough times are the building foundations of a good marriage!
    I strongly agree that RESPECT is an important component.

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  3. Great post. Very need of the hour!! I would like to add an extra point if I may: People these days are highly resistant to change. Common ground should be found and a relationship can productively grow around it with the help of the factors you have mentioned.. Very well written!!

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  4. Thank you Aditi for your rational feedback.I thank you for your added and own views on this sensitive subject.I appreciate you have addressed a very vital point-‘people are highly resistant to change’.I have written a post a few weeks back-‘People don’t resist change,they resist to be changed’. I suggest you read that post and i am sure you will like it.
    Have a nice time.

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  5. Very well written Ravi.. It’s true and need of the hour post. These are all exactly the reasons we see why people are heading towards breaking there marriage instead of making it.. To add to it, people these days are also not willing to compromise on things that will make their togetherness successful. Instead of which because of self ego and uncompromising nature most of the relationship we see break very easily these days.. if people understand this fact too.. I think it will really help each other to get along very well to make their togetherness successful. But, having said this once again your post on this topic is really good. 👌😇


  6. First,I thank you for remembering to read this post.Not everybody will do it! I also thank you for your very nice words about my post.If you deem it fit,You can make a link of this post and forward it to all your near and dear one,friends etc! U will be doing a good service to them!
    Hv a great day!


  7. Thank You for sharing this post.
    Marriage is joining of two individuals in a bond that apparently keeps going until death, but in practice is increasingly cut short by divorce. And no marriage is free of contention. Resolving dispute and disagreements requires knowing, accepting, and adjusting to your difference. One should find ways to strengthen marriage and avoid divorce.


  8. Very true. I totally agree. Thanks for your nice words and following my blog. I am sure you would like my other posts too,if you read them.By the way whats your name and where do you come from!


  9. I do agree, marying too soon after a divorce is jumping into the fire from the frying pan but circumstances differ and to stay in a marriage which is harmful is worse. I also think divorce is on the rise because the couples have learned that they do not need to put up with abuse and hence, they will now divorce rather than stay in a horrible situation.

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  10. Your answer lies in your own question! what is needed is patience and compromising attitude to the extent possible!
    Yes you can jump to other fry pan if you have no other option! But what the guarantee that it will be a cool frypan!
    Think about it!
    Thank you for your feedback!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words.I will surely read how you made the man of dream to love you
      again. Love to you too,Pl let me know if you would like to read my ebooks in amazon kindle store.


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