Don’t feel offended if somebody humiliates you. Like mine, It can change your life forever and for better. Offer your gratitude to them who have used harsh words for you because it can be a boon in disguise and as it happened with me a couple of years ago.

It is said that you quit a habit either when It is a question of your life and death  or when you are humiliated and deeply hurt in your mind. I would like to share with you two such incidences in my life when I quit my two long addictions instantly.

The first incidence goes back to my school days when I was studying in class 10, and used to take  tuition for math in a group of 10 students or so. May it be home or school, I was badly addicted to reading Detective (Jasoosi) novels all the time. I still remember the name of famous detective book – Capt Vinod and Hamid. This habit was badly affecting my studies and examination results  but I was badly in grip of this addiction and could not care more. One day, our math tutor was taking on tuition for math in a group of 10 students and I was one of them. After some briefing, he gave us two/three questions and asked us to solve them and keep ready when he returns after 30 minutes. When he returned, he started checking every student’s answer sheet. When he was over with all the 9 students answer sheet, he called my name to show my answer sheet but I was so busy in reading that detective novel that I could not pay attention to his call. When I did not respond for some time, he came to my seat and took away the book I was reading. He was just furious. He said, “this is what you  do in the class. I know your father very well. ‘I can say with conviction you are not a worthy son of your father.’ For the next 24 hours, his remark- “I am not a worthy son of my father” was echoing in my mind and it disturbed me badly. This remark affected me so much that I instantly said to myself ‘enough is enough’ and I threw all my detective books in a well and till date I have never touched and read any detective book. Trust me, on this.

Second: In second incidence, which goes back to when I was working for the largest corporate house in India. I was once attending a high profile company’s meeting at 3pm. I had a 10 year habit of chewing paan immediately after lunch. I had my lunch, took paan and went straight for the meeting. After the meeting was over, my boss called me in his cabin and said, ‘ it is not expected of you to chew paan in company’s official meetings’. I think what he said was right and did not affect me but the way he said it- I could not take his body language. That was the second incidence when I said to myself enough is enough- “I will never have paan during office hours and I gave up this habit instantly and have never ever chewed paan”.

The purpose of sharing these two incidences is only to tell you that it is very difficult to quit old addictions and habits but once you decide to say – ‘enough is enough’ and get determined to quit it, its not impossible either. You will surely get out of this addiction.


Don’t continue with a habit which hurts your soul and honor of your parents.



  1. Yes indeed. Addictions are the hardest to deal with. Once we quit, withdrawal symptoms appear which make us feel far worse and increase our cravings even more. I’m glad you could overcome your addictions and now lead a productive life. I Also appreciate the detective comics account you have shared, because people often associate addictions with substance abuse..

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  2. Thank you Aditi for your honest sharing.This is my birth’s traits,if you hit my soul,i will never ever do that thing in my life.Ha ha ha….
    Have a great time and be happy always.


  3. Indeed, Ravi. Thanks for this. I think the honor of your father, and mother, is especially helpful to focus on. If we go out of doors hoping to only shed good light on the family name, we will always succeed. Much love, my friend. Be well.

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  4. Thank you Linaprosserr. for your sweet words.I really value your comments.
    By the way which country you come from?
    Have a great time.


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