‘I may not become the best college student but i will certainly become a good human being’

What i had said to my college Principal a long time ago, is still  afresh in my mind even now!!

It’s a very small incidence at the time of my college admission but its impact was so powerful  that I still don’t forget that important day and the lesson it taught me.

After finishing my schooling, I was applying to various colleges in Bihar (India) for a B.Sc course. St.Xavier College, Ranchi was known to be the best college in Bihar in those days. I had set my heart to get admission in the most prestigious college of Bihar. Actually, St’Xaviers colleges all over India were considered the best institution in those days (70’s). Since my marks at H.Sc were not very good, I was little skeptical about getting admission in St.Xavier college.

 I used to go to St.Xavier College to see the admission merit list but could not find my name in the first three lists. The last and final merit list was supposed to come next day around 12 noon. My anxiety level was so high that I reached the college next day around 10 am and was waiting for the final admission list to be displayed on the college’s notice board. As soon as this list was displayed I started seeing the names and my heart beat was very high. My name was last to be displayed on this final merit list. I was called for a personal interview with the principal of the college after 2 days.

When I reached the college on the day of my personal interview, my turn came after half an hour and I was in the Principal’s Office. He asked me, ‘why do you want to study in St.Xavier college? I said, Father, ‘Because you are the best  you can make me the best student’. He looked deep into my eyes with a question mark on his face. I got scared and thought that he would probably not clear my interview. But I was totally surprised when he said, ‘Sit down’. I was so far in a standing position only. He said, ‘Do you really think you can be the best student of my college’. I said, ‘Father! I am not sure about it but I am sure about one thing. He asked, ‘What’s that? I said, ‘I will certainly become a good human being because of this small board in your office which says – ‘Be a good human being’. This seems to be your goal of imparting education in this college. He only told me best of luck, stood up from his chair and was ready to present a paper in my hand. I forwarded my left hand to take that paper from him. He immediately took his hand back and said loudly- ‘Don’t you ever dare to give or accept anything from your left hand’– it is considered inauspicious etiquette. His loud voice scared me but I immediately offered him an apology and took the paper from my right hand. This was his approval letter to grant my admission in the college. I said- ‘Thank you Father for your sound advice and I will never forget it in my life.’ I left his office thereafter.

Trust me you all, his words made so much impact on me that I have never used my left hand, thereafter to accept or give anything to anybody with my left hand. I still follow it. AND I NEVER FORGET THAT DAY WITH THE PRINCIPAL WHOSE NAME WAS FATHER W.J. PROOST.


Be a good human being- there is a lot of strength, power and courage inside you.


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