Daily Prompt: Calling

  • A true calling for me is to be a good human being first.Its all about Raising yourself who has to lift the people around him.Each one of them has a divine purpose for being in our life.There are no flaws in HIS Master Plan.
  • A true calling for me is not to see an obstacle as something you cannot overcome, We should see these obstacles as an objective you can surmount.You welcome it as a challenge you need to achieve or a victory you need to acquire.
  • Do what you say; because saying  the right word only sells your intention. While showing that you mean it what you say can buy trust;however,doing what you say,SEALS IT.
  • A true calling to me is to understand,there is a greater,deeper,more charismatic you,within.

A you that can make others stand by and wonder!

A you that can shake the world and walk with a high head.

  • A true calling to me is to be  a true humble man who reflects modesty like a tree that bends low with the burden of ripening fruits.It is the barren tree that lifts itself high in an empty boast.
  • A true calling for me is to be like a Ocean which receives all streams and rivers.The Ocean’s mighty calm remains UNMOVED;it feels them not.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Calling

  1. I think you’re on to something there, son. You strike on a very good point there with all of it, but especially in that about finding the greater, deeper, more charismatic you within. If just five percent of all humans would realize just how amazing they are, simply from being human, what an amazing world we would live in.


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