Saying sorry a million times may never completely undone the damage.

For those of you,especially our international readers,who may not know Mani Shankar Ayyar-I would like to give his brief introduction.Mani Shankar Ayyar is an Indian politician and a Member of Parliament(Rajya Sabha) from Indian National Congress Party,He is known for his impulsive and controversial statements.On 7th Dec 2017,he said in his speech that Prime Minister of India,Mr Narendra Modi was a ‘NEECH’ person which was interpreted as  a person of low caste.And the situation turned so ugly among Indian political circle(especially with the present ruling party) over  this derogatory statement that Mr  Ayyar had to immediately apologize for this act.

When we are angry,we say things that leave a scar.And no amount of  apologizing later can ever  remove those scars,Remember that!’

It is a lesson we would all do well to take to heart. Keep your cool. Don’t lose your temper.Pause and decide. you will thus see a significant improvement in your relationship and command goodwill of others. People will like you more,they will respect you a lot more, and you will find that hardly anybody gets angry with you.

More importantly,be careful what you say when you are angry. Choose your words with care.Those words can leave a permanent scar. They may be said in the heat of moment but the damage could be permanent. While you can apologize profusely and say sorry a million times,the damage is never completely undone. Saying ‘sorry’ is like using one of those eraser attached to the end of the pencil. It is easy to use,it feels like you have erased what was written but the marks remain on the sheet of the paper for ever.

In the era of instant messaging and on-the-go emails,it has become more important to watch your words.If you are upset and want to shoot off an angry email or message,HOLD IT!  Draft a mail perhaps-but leave it as a draft. Don’t hit the ‘send’ button whilst you are still angry. Pause! Tell yourself that you will take a look at it the next morning. Chances are,with a cooler head the next morning,you will realize the folly of sending out the angry  email. It does not matter if you are in the right or think your anger is justified.IF YOU LOSE YOUR COOL,YOU SIMPLY LOSE.Period

So, the next time you are angry and want to say something,like Mr Ayyar,take a deep breadth. Pause. And may be say nothing at all. Trust me, I do it when I face a similar situation and mostly I am in control.


Starting today, resolve to keep your cool. Watch what you say and see the difference. You may fail initially but with a conscious effort, you will have a better control over yourself with passage of time.



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